From Salsa to Strength: Rashida Bignall's bold leap into bodybuilding debut Featured

Rashida Bignall, a corporate professional in Jamaica and a celebrated Latin dance instructor, is set to make her debut at the Jamaica Bodybuilding and Fitness Association's Novice, Junior, and Elite Championships on June 29 at the Courtleigh Auditorium in Kingston.

Her story is one of transformation, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence across different fields. Her debut at the Jamaica Bodybuilding and Fitness Association's championships is not just about competing but also about inspiring others to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges.

Known for her captivating Salsa performances, Bignall has embraced a new challenge that promises to put on full display her versatility and dedication.

Bignall’s popular Instagram page "Rash Royalty" often features her executing intricate and erotic Salsa moves, but her upcoming participation in the bodybuilding competition marks a significant shift in her focus.

Competing in the Wellness category, Bignall is eager to display the results of her rigorous training.

Reflecting on her initial foray into Salsa dancing, Bignall said, "Many years ago, I saw it on television, didn't even know it existed in Jamaica and I found out it was being held at the Hilton Hotel. My aunt brought me to one class and from that, it was just history. I have always had a love for dancing and I always wanted to be different. Salsa is something different, especially in Jamaica because our core is dancehall and some are going over to Soca so coming into a world where it's different, you can bring that difference to people and educate them about something different is what it was for me."

Similarly, her journey into the world of bodybuilding and fitness began unexpectedly. "My trainer, Rohan Francis, he saw me and he said he wanted me to enter into a competition based on my frame. I told him I am willing to try something new because I have been dancing for so long, I wanted to come out of my comfort zone to try something new so I said yes," Bignall recounted.

Rashida Bignall posing for the audience at the recent launch of the 2024 JABBFA Novice, Junior and Elite Championships at the JOA Headquarters in Kingston.

The transition from dance to bodybuilding required intense training, but Bignall has embraced the process wholeheartedly. "The training has been intense but what I find is that the more intense it gets you get to find out how strong you are, and your mental strength and physical health is all incorporated in this because mentally you get to see how strong you are and physically, you get to see how strong you are, so the challenge is good and I am very excited for the day because I have been working really hard for this and it has been a really good experience."

Her background in dance has provided her with unique advantages, particularly in the posing aspects of bodybuilding competitions. "It helps because they (the judges) want you to be an individual, they want you to come and be yourself so adding a little dancing, for me is then showing that I am not neglecting who I am at my core but I am now incorporating it into something that I am getting to like."

As she prepares for her debut competition, Bignall is focused on the journey rather than the outcome. "The truth is everybody wants to win but with the training that I have been through and what I have accomplished, I feel like a winner already. The title is not it for me, it's just going out and doing my best and showing what I have been working on for the last six months."





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