Candice McLeod puts successful track season down to rest and proper eating habits

By November 17, 2021

Olympic bronze medallist, Candice McLeod, says her success on the track this season was due mainly to getting more rest and a proper diet during the pre-season.

Speaking on Sportsmax TV’s On Point published on YouTube last Friday, McLeod, who recently graduated from the University of the West Indies with a degree in accounting, said doing classes online gave her extra time to rest during the days.

“Normally, I’m the type to go to every class when it’s face-to-face, so to be present at class is different from when you have it online. I can watch it later on so I’d normally take those two hours or three hours that the class would’ve (taken) from me going face-to-face and rest and catch up on school in the night,” said McLeod, while also mentioning an improvement in her eating habits.

“I started eating properly. I put myself in the position to eat properly this season.”

While also acknowledging her training as a factor, she said it wasn’t the main contributing factor to her improvement.

“Training is the same to me.  I train hard and work hard at the gym. I think it’s definitely within the rest,” she said.

Notwithstanding getting more rest and eating well, the Olympic bronze medalist said she was surprised by her times during the past season when she ran six personal bests over the 400m.

“Every week. The thing is, I know my coach expected it because he’s the coach and he knows what I’m doing in training because when I go to training, it’s not about the time. I just train and when I’m finished coach would analyse," she said. "

Every single week I was saying, 'What’s going on because I’m just running? Then I can’t wait to go back again and again just to run and see what’s coming. I definitely surprised myself a lot.”

McLeod broke 50 seconds for the first time when she ran 49.91 to finish second in the final of the 400m at the Jamaican National Championships in June. She also ran under 50 twice at the Olympics in Tokyo, running a lifetime best of 49.51 to finish in second place in her semi-final then returning two days later to run 49.87 in the final, finishing fifth.

You can watch the full interview with Candice McLeod on the Sportsmax YouTube channel.

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