Kristen McGregor fights through adversity but misses title defense at Olympia qualifier Featured

It was a top-five finish for McGregor in Portugal on Sunday. The Jamaican fitness athlete won the competition in 2023. It was a top-five finish for McGregor in Portugal on Sunday. The Jamaican fitness athlete won the competition in 2023. Kristen McGregor

 Standout fitness athlete Kristen McGregor faced unexpected challenges leading up to the Mr. Big Evolution Olympia Qualifier held in Lisbon, Portugal, on Sunday, July 7, 2024. Competing in the Open Figure Category, she aimed to defend her title from the previous year but ultimately secured a top-five finish out of 24 competitors.

This year’s preparation was a stark contrast to her usual routine. McGregor, who typically trained in Jamaica, found herself in the unfamiliar territory of the United Kingdom. “This competition prep was done in the UK, where this was my first time visiting,” McGregor said. “There was limited access to my resources. I believe now that this may have contributed to my performance or conditioning for the show, meaning my recovery was not the same where I would have gotten my continuous massages and muscle recovery sessions. This was not my usual climate, and my atmosphere was way much different. Nevertheless, I made the best out of my situation.”

Despite these obstacles, McGregor maintained her focus and determination. She entered the competition without specific expectations about her competitors, aiming instead to give her best performance. “The intensity was not much different from last year, to be honest. I had no expectations of who would be there, so I didn’t find nor did I see anyone as most dangerous to my objective. My objective was to retain my title.”

Finishing in the top five left McGregor with mixed emotions. “To be honest, it just means that I finished fifth in the competition. This placement wasn’t expected, but at the end of the day, I would always say the sport is very subjective. You do the best you can do in preparing for it, and yet you go without expectation. At the end, you are left without disappointment knowing that you have done your best and it’s the physique that is displayed.”

Despite not reclaiming her title, McGregor remains grateful for the opportunity to compete. “It doesn’t justify me putting in the work that I have done. However, I am always grateful for the experience to be on stage.”

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