Jamaica's legendary swimmer, Alia Atkinson, made a splash at the Aquatic Centre in Kingston on Saturday as she launched her first book, "Day 1 Not One Day: An Athlete's Seven-Step Guide to Success." The five-time Olympian and world record holder, whose illustrious career spanned an impressive 19 years, revealed the inspiration behind her book.

 "The idea for this book came about after I retired. I received a lot of messages on social media from people asking for guidance and advice on how to achieve their goals and maintain a winning mindset. It wasn't just young athletes; it was people from all walks of life, including seasoned athletes," Atkinson explained.

 The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on people's confidence, creating doubts and uncertainties and Atkinson saw this as an opportunity to help and inspire others. "I wanted to answer their questions and offer some guidance. Even if the book could help just one person improve their life or find their inner strength, I considered it a success," she said.

"I wanted to provide answers and support to those who reached out to me. If I could offer something that could make a positive difference, even if it's just one takeaway."

Atkinson's book, "Day 1 Not One Day," outlines seven key principles that she believes can transform lives, both in and out of the pool. Although it primarily caters to swimmers due to her swimming background, she emphasizes that the athletic mindset can be applied to anyone's life.

"I made sure a wide range of people read the book, not just athletes. It resonated with sports enthusiasts and individuals outside the sporting realm as well. Everyone found something valuable and applicable to their own lives. While the book draws heavily on my swimming background, the athletic mindset can benefit anyone."

 During the book writing process, Atkinson found it surprisingly smooth. "The hardest part was anything related to formatting and figuring out the technical aspects. But when it came to the content itself, it felt like I was talking to the athletes and readers. Each chapter was like having a personal conversation with someone, guiding them towards their goals," Atkinson shared.

 "Day 1 Not One Day" holds a special place in Atkinson's heart, as she poured her experiences and insights into its pages. The Jamaican darling has left an indelible mark on the sport, becoming the first black woman to win a world title in swimming in 2014. Her world record time in the short course 100-metre breaststroke showcased her prowess in the pool.

As Alia Atkinson embarks on her new journey as an author, she hopes that her book will serve as a guiding light for athletes and non-athletes alike, helping them achieve their dreams and become the best version of themselves. The aquatic icon's legacy continues to inspire generations, both in Jamaica and across the globe, leaving a lasting impact on the world of sports and beyond.

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