Darts helping Noa-Lynn van Leuven to dream again after transition

By Sports Desk November 29, 2023

Trans player Noa-Lynn van Leuven says darts has given her something to live for following her transition.

The 27-year-old joined the Women’s Series in 2022 after transitioning the year before and she created history by becoming the first trans woman to play in a televised darts tournament in July when she played in the Women’s Masters in Blackpool.

The Dutchwoman believes she would no longer be alive if she had not transitioned but is now able to live out her dream.

“I think if I didn’t have the transition, I wouldn’t be here anymore,” she told the PA news agency. “The last two years before I transitioned were terrible for me, I was depressed, I wasn’t having fun in life.

“I didn’t have anything to live for, I wasn’t in a good space. Then I realised I am trans, I should do something with that or I am not going to make anything out of my life.

“I went to the doctor and then went into the programme.

“Since the transition it has been three or four years until I started playing darts again. I was playing darts for nine years and I was missing something in life and then I started playing darts again, I missed the game, I missed the people within darts.

“It is a dream to come true, the years before I transitioned I didn’t even have any dreams. I wasn’t happy.

“Now I am happy again and I have so much to live for. I really love darts, I love playing it, I love meeting new people and travelling and that is all possible because of darts.”

Her journey has not been entirely smooth, though, as she revealed she receives animosity from other players, who she believes want her banned.

“It’s been coming from some players, male players, female players but I think a lot of them are getting educated so that makes it easier for me,” Van Leuven, who has passed stringent transitioning tests, added.

“Most of the time it is behind my back, I have heard from a few friends that players have gone up to them and said we need to get her banned, this isn’t OK.

“But also more terrible things. It sucks but I try not to let it get too much into my head. It is very hard, it has been tough for the last two years. There are a few trans players but I guess I am the only one who can throw really good darts, so they want to get rid of me. What’s the easiest way to get rid of? To get me banned so they don’t have to play me.”

Van Leuven was speaking to mark this year’s Rainbow Laces campaign, with the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) supporting the movement by adopting the colours of the trans flag for the PDC logo on-stage at last weekend’s Players Championship.

She added: “A lot of the players are getting educated so that makes it easier for me. The PDC are really helping in educating people.”

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    The Asp reached back-to-back finals with wins against Peter Wright and Luke Humphries before beating Voltage to move into fourth in the table.

    His victory ended Michael van Gerwen’s run of three successive Premier League darts victories, with Humphries knocking the Dutchman out in their quarter-final clash.

    Aspinall was beaten 6-4 in last week’s final in Newcastle and admits he has had a slow start to this year’s campaign.

    He told Sky Sports: “It was a slow start to the season, last week was massive for myself and I made the decision tonight to forget about double 16 because I’ve missed it so many times and I went for tops.

    “I’m very happy, the last two weeks I’ve really dug deep. Everyone knows I’m a fighter and I’ve been down the first three weeks, but a final and then a win the last two weeks, I’m over the moon.”

    Aspinall took the early advantage in the final, winning the first three legs and after a series of missed attempts on the outer ring, he eventually hit double four to take the fourth leg.

    Cross struggled on the doubles and missed a double eight, allowing Aspinall to snatch the fifth leg with a 160 checkout.

    Voltage pulled two legs back to give his opponent a scare, but missed double 10 in the eighth leg before the Asp swooped in, hitting double 20 to secure the win.

    “I like proving people wrong, that was my plan, didn’t start off like that. I’ve been down in the dumps but I think I’ve shown my fighting spirit the last two weeks,” Aspinall added.

    “Granted, I’ve not performed at the level that I know I’m capable of but by God do I dig and I’ve dug deep tonight, last week was the same. That win against Michael Smith last week first game, scrappy game but that’s kickstarted my season.”

    It was a disappointing evening for Cross, who stormed into the semi-finals with a dominant 6-1 victory over Gerwyn Price, throwing a 109.69 average during that game.

    Voltage then met Luke Littler in the final four following Littler’s victory over Michael Smith in the quarter-finals.

    He took a 2-0 lead before Littler found momentum and the game was tied at 3-3, but after missing six match darts Cross eventually reached the final hitting double two.

  • Michael van Gerwen determined to keep run going after third Premier League win Michael van Gerwen determined to keep run going after third Premier League win

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    The Dutchman beat Gerwyn Price and teenager Luke Littler to secure a spot in the final, where the seven-time Premier League champion came from behind to beat Aspinall.

    Aspinall started brightly, winning two successive legs but was left to rue missed doubles which had troubled him throughout the evening as Van Gerwen hit a 10-dart break on his way to leading 5-2.

    Although Van Gerwen needed one leg to win, Aspinall clawed his way back and nearly took him to a decider in the 10th leg, but missed double 16.

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    “Of course you want to make yourself as comfortable as possible but I think with this win I can look forward next week but that’s what I want to do.

    “I want to make sure I put myself in a comfortable position, make sure I do the damage again and make sure I get more points, that’s the only thing I can do.”

    After beating Price in the quarter-finals, Van Gerwen edged to the final with a 6-5 victory against Littler in the final four.

    The teenager beat Peter Wright 6-5 in the quarter-finals in a close encounter that went the distance to set up a final-four clash against the world number two, where Littler piled on the pressure.

    Van Gerwen missed six match darts allowing “the Nuke” to take it to a decider, but the Dutchman kept his composure in the final leg, hitting a 90 finish to win.

    He now leads the standings by eight points and believes he has a different mindset in his approach this year.

    “When you play the best players you have to play the best game, you have to perform and have to win,” he added.

    “Of course over so many weeks you’re going to have bad days, you’re going to have good days, but overall you need to make sure you keep your momentum going and that’s what I’m doing at the moment.

    “I think I have a different mindset now, I’m going to look week-by-week, don’t put myself in the same position last year.

    “Last year was another week, I wasn’t really there mentally and I’ve changed that this year.”

    Thursday was Aspinall’s first Premier League final of the season following victory over Rob Cross in the semi-finals.

    After narrowly beating Michael Smith 6-5 in the quarter-finals, the Asp faced a tough test against Cross, where missed doubles allowed “Voltage” to get his foot back into the game.

    His struggles on the outer ring saw him miss three match darts before Cross missed double 16 and Aspinall made no mistake to wrap the game up with the following dart.

  • No one’s beating Phil Taylor record – Luke Littler dismisses ‘crazy’ predictions No one’s beating Phil Taylor record – Luke Littler dismisses ‘crazy’ predictions

    Luke Littler has dismissed as “crazy” predictions that he could be bigger than Phil Taylor.

    The teenager has not only taken the darts world by storm but become a household name since his stunning run to the final of the World Championship as a 16-year-old in January.

    Such has been his impact that Michael Smith, the current world number three, recently claimed Littler could go on to achieve even greater things than record 16-time world champion Taylor.

    Littler, who turned 17 shortly after his headline-grabbing heroics at Alexandra Palace, told the PA news agency: “I don’t think anyone’s beating that record! It’s just crazy, crazy to think of me being bigger than Phil.

    “I’ve said to many people I’ve not really set any goals. I just get on with it. I just have to throw my darts and see where they go.

    “I’m still gobsmacked that I’m here, getting all these opportunities. I’m just taking it in my stride as I do.”

    Littler has proved his World Championship performance was no flash in the pan, throwing nine-dart finishes on the way to tournament victories at the Bahrain Masters and Players Championship in Wigan.

    He also now has a PDC tour card, a place in the Premier League and has risen to 30th in the world rankings.

    The Warrington-based youngster has coped impressively with his whirlwind introduction to the sport at the elite level and is relishing competing against the best.

    “I just love playing in front of a crowd,” said Littler, who signed a new multi-year partnership with Target Darts on Wednesday.

    “I enjoy trying my best to put on a performance and I know I can play against the best. I’ve broken into the top 32, so hopefully I’m here for many years to come.”

    Littler’s agreement with Target coincides with the launch of a new range of “The Nuke” products by the company, including darts sets designed, at affordable prices, for players new to the game.

    Littler recognises the effect he has had on darts at grassroots level and hopes he can continue to encourage new people to take up the sport.

    He said: “It’s just been crazy how many people have got into darts, and how many people have been in my local shop in St Helens. There’s been queues outside.

    “I’m just glad to be a part of it all. Hopefully it gets more people involved.”

    :: Luke Littler’s new “The Nuke” range, including his 2024 World Darts Championship Playing Shirt, is available to buy now at www.targetdarts.co.uk

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