The Blitz team renews the now age-old Messi vs Ronaldo debate.  After 10 years at the top of world football have the players earned the right to be considered the standard by all which others are measured in the modern era.

The West Indies Championships recently wrapped with Guyana claiming a fifth straight title.  How much does the Zone team know about the competition? Let's see.

The high court in Trinidad and Tobago has frozen the accounts of the TTFA following the non-payment of US$70,000 to the 15 members and five staff members of the T&T Futsal team.

The Zone team takes a closer look at Sir Viv Richards claim that electing Skerritt would bring respectability back to the post of CWI president. 

Farcical scenes during the recent West Indies Championship saw the Leeward Islands mistakenly declare against Barbados, thinking they could claim second place. 

Dave Cameron, in an interview with the SportsMax Zone, has come out to say his challenger for the post of Cricket West Indies President, Ricky Skerritt, is not correct in suggesting his dictatorship style is reason to vote him out.

The Leeward Islands Hurricanes and the Barbados Pride ended a game inside two days, both by declaring when the game did not dictate they needed to. Was the game a disservice to increasing the popularity of the game in the region?

Danny Hawthorne is one of the great high school coaches out of Jamaica. Learn his story, though even after more than 30 years in track and field, it isn't yet over.

The Sportsmax Zone crew discusses whether rule changes proposed by the MCC will make Test cricket more attractive.

Dwayne Extol looks forward to some exciting match-ups in the finals of the Digicel Grand Prix finals set for GC Foster College on Saturday.

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