Medal-winning Special Olympians get plaques from Digicel Foundation

By Sports Desk October 23, 2022
Medal-winning Special Olympians get plaques from Digicel Foundation Digicel Foundation

Digicel Foundation recognized Special Olympics Jamaica (SOJ) for their exceptional performance at the recent 2022 USA Games and Unified Cup recently at the SOJ Multipurpose Sports Complex in Kingston. Recognition plaques were awarded to over 45 SOJ members, which included athletes and support staff.  

Jamaica’s team returned with 12 medals from the games held in Orlando, Florida from June 5 – 12. The team participated in swimming, bocce and athletics. Meanwhile, the SOJ football team, who did not concede a goal all tournament, went on to win the Unified Cup after beating Paraguay 2-0 in the division-one final at Keyworth Stadium in Michigan on Saturday, August 6.

Digicel Foundation Chair Jean Lowrie-Chin lauded the team for their recent victories overseas noting that their “talents were still bright despite the two years absence from competitions as a result of the COVID pandemic.”

Mrs Lowrie-Chin also regarded the SOJ athletes as Jamaica’s heroes. “We congratulate the Special Olympics leaders, coaches, team leaders, parents and most of all the athletes for bringing glory to our country Jamaica land we love. With Heroes Day coming up, let me say to you, you are our heroes.”

Chairman of SOJ, Aldrick McNab commended Digicel for “delivering so much love and support for Special Olympics Jamaica”. He added, “Digicel knows how to treat a family well as it was their idea to show appreciation for the recent achievements of two of our teams that represented Jamaica so well in the international arena.”

Noting the importance of partnership to SOJ’s success, the Executive Director of SOJ, Coleridge ‘Roy’ Howell, also thanked Digicel for their continuous support of the SOJ. Mr Howell highlighted Digicel’s support to SOJ during the COVID-19 pandemic. He said, “We had setbacks during the pandemic as there were shutdowns and lockdowns. However, with Digicel’s help, we were able to maintain constant communication with our athletes and offer virtual training that focused on keeping our athletes in shape and movement.”

 Mr Howell declared that the team is now preparing to give their all at the Special Olympics World Summer Games, scheduled for Berlin, Germany in 2023 adding that SOJ is “very excited to showcase to the world once again the many talents of our athletes.”

 The presentation of the plaques to the SOJ is one of Digicel Foundation’s month-long activities to celebrate Special Needs Awareness this October. Other activities include virtual lunch-hour sign language classes and free Deaf Can coffee for all Digicel employees at the Digicel Headquarters in Kingston.



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    The President of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA), Garth Gayle, has refrained from commenting on an ambitious investment proposal put forward by global sports giant Adidas that could revolutionize Jamaica's track and field landscape.

    Nationwide News broke the story on Wednesday detailing Adidas' proposal, which includes a staggering JMD$5.7 billion investment over the next eight years to bolster athletics at both elite and grassroots levels in Jamaica. Despite this significant development, President Garth Gayle declined to provide a statement on Thursday, citing the association's existing contract with Puma.

    Adidas's proposal, as outlined in documents obtained by Sportsmaz.TV, involves substantial financial support, equipment provision, infrastructure development, and athlete incentives aimed at enhancing Jamaica's athletic programs.

    However, while President Gayle opted not to comment, Jamaica's Sports Minister expressed enthusiasm for any deal that benefits Jamaica and its athletes, indicating a potential willingness to support such initiatives.

    “All I can say is anything that is going to further enhance brand Jamaica and enhance the performance of our athletes, motivate them and inspire them to better, I am for it,” the minister told Sportsmax.TV.

    Adidas unveiled the ambitious plan that could potentially transform Jamaica's track and field landscape with a groundbreaking USD$38.8 million or JMD $5.7 billion investment proposal over the next eight years. This proposal, aimed at revolutionizing both elite and grassroots athletics, has stirred significant interest and discussions within the Jamaica's track and field fraternity and raised questions over whether the JAAA is seriously considering accepting or is keen on negotiating with Adidas.

    Details of the proposal, first reported by Nationwide News on Wednesday, outline a comprehensive investment strategy that includes substantial financial support, equipment provision, infrastructure development, and athlete incentives.

    According to the documents obtained by Sportsmax.TV, the proposal earmarks nearly USD$3 million annually to the JAAA, covering operational costs and athletic program enhancements. Additionally, Adidas plans to allocate USD$2,180,000 worth of equipment each year, ensuring Jamaican athletes have access to world-class gear to uphold the nation's track and field legacy.

    A notable aspect of the proposal is the inclusion of a 10 per cent royalty bonus from the sales of Adidas apparel associated with Jamaican athletics, offering a potential revenue stream to further bolster the sport's development in Jamaica.

    Adidas further proposes an annual retainer of USD$2.5 million for the JAAA, along with a dedicated budget of USD$250,000 for infrastructure repairs and upgrades across Jamaica.

    The sponsorship extends beyond financial support, with provisions for executive travel budgets to ensure representation at international meetings and events. Athletes achieving global success can expect significant rewards, with podium finishers at the Olympics and other major championships receiving substantial bonuses.

    According to the proposal athletes would be rewarded with a bonus of USD$25,000 for winning Olympic gold, USD$15,000 for silver, USD$10,000 for bronze.

    For World Championships gold medallists would earn USD$15,000 for gold, USD$10,000 for silver and USD$8000 for bronze. Jamaican athletes winning gold at the World Indoor Championships would earn a bonus of USD10,000, silver medallists would collect USD$8000 while bronze medallists be rewarded with USD$7,000.

    Jamaica’s junior athletes will not be left out as gold medal winners at the World U20 Championships would receive a hefty bonus of USD$7500 while silver and bronze medallists would take home USD$5000 and USD$2000, respectively.

    USD$7500 would be reserved for relay gold medals with silver and bronze medals earning USD$5000 and USD$2000, respectively.




  • Olympic bronze medalist Megan Tapper inks three-year deal with Sandals Resorts International Olympic bronze medalist Megan Tapper inks three-year deal with Sandals Resorts International

    Tokyo Olympics 100m hurdles  bronze medalist Megan Tapper has inked a major three-year sponsorship deal with the luxury all-inclusive Jamaican-born super brand, Sandals Resorts International. The AC Hotel Kingston, on Friday, hosted the contract-signing ceremony held with Sandals’ Executive Chairman, Adam Stewart, Tapper, members of her family and some of her closest supporters.

    Tapper gained recognition during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, becoming the first-ever Jamaican female athlete to clinch an Olympic medal in the 100-metre sprint hurdles. However, it wasn't just the two-time Olympian's athletic prowess that won hearts, but also her effervescent personality that captivated many Jamaicans, including Sandals' executive chairman.

    “I think it is fair to say that Megan is a reflection, through her smile, of what Jamaica’s soul represents. Her achievements on the world stage speak for themselves, but the way she conducts herself, the way she inspires the next generation, the way she brings to life the feeling of Jamaica through her smile and how she acts and carries herself is something that Sandals Resorts International wanted to be associated with. We love superstars, and we love standing on the world stage ourselves. We love boasting about everything Jamaica is and can continue to be, and I saw a reflection of our company in Megan,” Adam Stewart stated, as he welcomed the Olympian to the Sandals’ family.

    Stewart expressed that Tapper and athletes like herself continue to vividly demonstrate that Jamaica is more than “likkle but tallawah.”


    He described Jamaican athletics as a password that propels the country’s approximate three million people to the world stage, inspiring the international community to want to visit and experience Jamaica’s rich culture, warm people and breathtaking beauty.

    “So when you are running, you’re doing so much more than just crossing the hurdles for yourself and for team Jamaica. You’re actually helping the entire three million people have a strong and bold future,” he conveyed to Tapper.

    Stewart also proudly declared that Tapper now has the unwavering and enthusiastic support of Sandals Resorts and its expansive army of devoted Jamaicans and Caribbean nationals globally.

    Tapper, visibly moved by the Executive Chairman’s sentiments, admitted that she was close to tears and overwhelmed by his extraordinary show of support. She described the sponsorship deal with Sandals as a golden and incredible opportunity, especially as she prepares for the upcoming Summer Olympic Games to be held in Paris, France, this year.

    “I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this partnership with Sandals as I gear up to make my third Olympic team,” a beaming Tapper said. “I can’t wait to soar to new heights and bring the essence of the Caribbean sun and the Sandals smile to every single country that I go to. It’s an incredible opportunity and I am excited to represent such a fantastic brand. I am confident that this will be an unforgettable partnership. This collaboration is an important one because it reiterates that Sandals, though not an apparel brand, supports sport in Jamaica, which, along with tourism, is consistently doing well on the world stage and will obviously continue to do so. I am confident that this partnership will contribute positively towards carrying the brand to new heights,” she added while expressing heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the luxury all-inclusive resort brand.

    Over the years, Sandals Resorts International has sponsored sports in Jamaica and the region, including cricket and motorsports. With this latest partnership forged with Tapper, Sandals' Executive Chairman used the opportunity to graciously recognise other Jamaican brands who support local athletics.


    He extended commendation to companies such as Digicel and cordially called on corporate Jamaica to continue these types of partnerships.

    “When you look at Digicel’s stamp on athletics and their commitment to the sport, I think it’s something that cannot be overlooked without expressing gratitude as a Jamaican and a Caribbean national. All the other companies such as Grace Kennedy, that support Jamaican athletics undoubtedly deserve commendation. I just want to encourage those companies that have been around for a long time to continue to support – and the new companies- to hold hands and continue to fight. Jamaica is in a league of its own, do what is right and support Jamaican athletics,” the Sandals boss stated.

  • Pioneer U16 baseball team showcases potential against national softball squad Pioneer U16 baseball team showcases potential against national softball squad

    On a bright and beautiful Sunday afternoon, November 4, 2023, the No. 1 Softball Diamond at Up Park Camp headquarters of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) witnessed a delightful exhibition baseball game that would be remembered for years to come. The home field of the Jamaica National Softball team served as the backdrop for this unique event, where the Pioneer Select U16 baseball team faced off against Jamaica's formidable softball team.

    The Pioneer Select U16 team, comprising talented individuals such as Damion Robinson, Joel Scott, Javier Grant, Francisco Williams, Odeen Afflick, Kira Cooper, Jayshaun Campbell, Noel-Lee McKen, as well as Jasmine Benjamin and Caleb Dixon, took the field with enthusiasm, setting the stage for an exciting showdown. From the very first inning, it was evident that these young athletes meant business.

    Robinson, leading off the batting order, showcased his skills by scoring the first of three runs for his team. Team Captain Grant and U12 substitute player Dixon followed suit, crossing home plate and narrowing the score to 3-8 in favour of the seasoned National Softball team.

    The exhibition match posed a unique challenge for the U16 team as they had to adapt swiftly to the different rules, ball, and bat sizes of softball. Despite the unfamiliar territory, the young athletes embraced the experience with determination and resilience.

    Grant, holding down first base, displayed his defensive prowess with swift tags on National Team runners, keeping the pressure on the opposition and thrilling the spectators in attendance.

    On the pitcher's mound, McKen, exhibited remarkable composure, leading her team's offensive efforts. Despite her softball debut, she adapted quickly to the underhand throw, demonstrating her potential to excel in the world of softball.

    Behind the plate, female catcher Cooper showcased exceptional skills in handling the larger-sized softball. Her swift and accurate tags on unsuccessful runners attempting to score added an extra layer of defense for the Pioneer Select team.

    In the outfield, Campbell, making his U16 debut after advancing from U12, admirably held his own. His presence in the outfield testified to his dedication and commitment to his athletic development.

    National Team Technical Director Troy McCaw, who attended the exhibition match, was visibly impressed by the talent displayed by the U16 team. He identified four standout players from the Pioneer Select U16 team, acknowledging their potential for success in the sport.

    This remarkable opportunity for the Pioneer Select U16 team reflects their dedication and hard work, with many of their members training in St. Thomas, Jamaica, under the guidance of Coach Kerry Ann Cooper.

    Under her guidance, the team actively seeks opportunities to scrimmage and attend clinics with other teams, such as the upcoming clinic in August Town on Sunday, November 12, 2023, all in preparation for the 2024 tournaments.


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