Shanice Beckford knew adjusting to life in Australia would take some doing, but knowing the opportunity that was there to be grasped, she did not hesitate to make the move when West Coast Fever called.

Just as Beckford expected, the first two weeks in Perth took its toll, but she is just about getting ready to turn the proverbial corner ahead of what she hopes will be a very successful debut stint in the Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) League.

“The first two weeks were difficult for me, but I must say it has been quite fun. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with a strong emphasis on family-oriented activities. I'm really loving the environment so far. Despite some initial struggles with my sleeping patterns, I'm gradually settling in. Overall, everything is going pretty well and I'm feeling quite content with my decision to join this club,” Beckford told SportsMax.TV.

To her credit, Beckford adapted quite quickly and judging by her bubbly and energetic movements in training so far, the talented goal-attack is merely just getting started where taking on a significant workload and displaying her usual craftiness on court is concerned as she fits into the new environment.

“I am learning to be patient with myself and to trust my coaches, teammates, and the process as I gradually work my way into the team. I am taking my time to improve and find my place in the different combinations,” Beckford shared.

“Although, I am still adjusting to the time zone, when it comes to training, it's a whole different ball game. Moreover, it's been good as I have enough time to recover, and I don’t have to worry about rushing to work or getting home late at night, like the challenges we face back home in Jamaica. I felt like after the first two weeks, everything became a little easier to handle,” she added.

Despite the fact that she has honed her skills in a fairly successful career spanning 10 years, Beckford, 28, was eager to not only parade her skills in the SSN, but also to continue her development outside of the Sunshine Girls setup, and for her West Coast Fever represents the perfect fit.

“Being in this environment will provide me with the necessary structural skills and resources to unlock a new level of potential in my netball career. So far, it's been going well, although, I can’t stress this enough, the first two weeks were a bit of a struggle as I had to get back into the groove and adapt to the standards and way of playing of the Fever team. However, I'm getting there and I'm pretty excited to see how much this experience will enhance my skillset and develop me as a player by the end,” the soft-spoken player noted.

With the start of the season still just over two months out, Beckford expressed excitement at the prospects for her and Fever’s teammates – which includes compatriots Jhaniele Fowler and Kadie-Ann Dehaney –to find success and, by extension, lay a solid foundation for a possible future at the club, as she has not ruled out the idea of an extension on her one-year contract.

The Dan Ryan-coached West Coast Fever, which won the title in 2022, will open their campaign in this, the eight edition of the SSN against Giants on April 13.

“I'm feeling very optimistic about this fresh crop of girls. It's an entirely new-look team, with many new players joining the ranks alongside some of our more seasoned members. Despite the differences in experience and style, we're blending together seamlessly and making excellent progress so far,” Beckford said. 

“So, I am prepared to do my best to get the job done, no matter what condition I am in. Everyone wants to play in the finals at the end of the season, but I know it won't be easy. Therefore, I am keeping an open mind, embracing the journey, and taking things one session at a time and it will be the same approach come game time,” she declared.

Having so far achieved all that she set out to when she just launched her career as an 18-year-old, Beckford pointed out that adding a SSN title to her accolades, would be the icing on top.

She has so far won Commonwealth Games medals in 2014, 2018 and 2022, along with Fast5 medals in 2013, 2017 and 2018, as well as a Netball World Cup medal last year. All this is complemented by her 2015 stint in England’s Superleague.

“Personally, winning the SSN title would be an incredible moment that I wouldn't be able to explain right now. Let’s just say it would be the icing on the cake, and I know the West Coast Fever family would be thrilled with the victory,” she ended.

West Coast Fever has retained premiership stars Jess Anstiss and Alice Teague-Neeld for three Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) League seasons, as well as Sunday Aryang and Jhaniele Fowler for a further two seasons.

The Club has added the experience Kelsey Browne in the mid-court for season 2024, while the arrivals of England Roses captain Fran Williams, and former Sunshine Coast Lightning player Kadie-Ann Dehaney will bolster the defence.

The future is bright for Fever with the signing of young guns Jordan Cransberg and Olivia Wilkinson for three years each, while the addition of Sunshine Girls goal-attack Shanice Beckford, is also expected to add impetus to the Perth-based club's charge.

Head Coach Dan Ryan said the Green Army should be excited about the familiar faces returning combined with the fresh injection of x-factor players.

“I’m so excited about what this team can become, and our mission is going to be to become the best team we possibly can be. All 10 players contributing, playing a role, using their skillsets and weapons to help get us across the line,” Ryan said.

“It’s going to be ferocious West Coast Fever like always, but we are going to look a little bit different and that’s what I’m really excited by," he added.

Ryan said the Club had a clear strategy during recruitment to ensure the team was very versatile. 

“I think the most important thing to take out of last season is that it really does take a full team of 10 to win the competition, which is what we saw from the Thunderbirds and Swifts,” he said.

“We’ve got a really deep squad. We’ve got positional coverage in every single position on the court, and we can roll the subs in any position without having to make too many shuffles across the court.

“I’m excited by enough continuity that we can keep doing what we’re doing that’s seen us be successful over the past couple of years.

“But we also have some really new, exciting players coming into our line-up that can make us change the game, shift our game plan, shift our strategies and that unpredictable nature is going to be a bit of a competitive edge for us.”

West Coast Fever will officially commence pre-season training in the new year. 

After assisting Jamaica’s Sunshine Girls to break a lengthy 16-year medal drought when they secured bronze at this year’s Vitality Netball World Cup in South Africa, Shanice Beckford toyed with the idea of retirement.

At that time, Beckford was convinced that she had accomplished all she set out to in a fairly successful career spanning 10 years. After all, she was also a part of three teams that won Commonwealth Games medals in 2014, 2018 and 2022, that goes along with Fast5 medals in 2013, 2017 and 2018, as well as a 2015 stint in England’s Superleague.

The only void Beckford felt as she reflected on her journey, was the fact that she didn’t parade her skills in the Australian Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) League, though she had already given up on that dream.

But as fate would have it, a one-year deal with SSN outfit West Coast Fever came at an opportune time for Beckford, who was virtually at her wits' end.

“I am still processing to be honest. The thought of playing in the SSN has been a lingering desire of mine for years, and I had given up on the idea, so I am beyond elated that this opportunity that I have been waiting for has now materialized at this point in my career,” Beckford told SportsMax.TV.

“I feel incredibly fortunate, as this opportunity comes at a critical juncture in my life. Lately, I have been struggling to find the motivation to play netball at all levels, but this signing has reignited my passion and gives me a new sense of purpose. I am grateful for this saving grace and will do everything in my power to make the most of this incredible opportunity,” she noted.

“It is not just a dream come true, but a significant milestone in my netball career and life. The prospect of playing in the SNL has always been a driving force that has kept me motivated and inspired me to become a better player. This is a new chapter and phase in my journey, and I am ready to embrace it,” a beaming Beckford added.

The talented goal-attack will join Sunshine Girls teammates, ace shooter Jhaniele Fowler, and defender Kadie-Ann Dehaney at the Perth-based franchise for the 2024 season.

Besides the fact that it is an opportunity to add to her accomplishments, Beckford is well aware of the responsibility that comes with her new contract. It is a responsibility that she embraces but she is also focused on her commitment to her body.

“I am taking the same steps that everyone does while in a professional environment. It is important to be training at a high level, but it is also equally important to make sure you are taking care of your body so that you can be fit to perform at the highest level.

“So, for this new chapter in my life, it is almost like a whole new ball game. Although I am unable to join my team in Australia at the moment, I am keeping myself physically fit by following the necessary training programs, and mentally, I am working on getting my head in right space, basically a renewed mindset, and just preparing myself for the challenges that lie ahead,” Beckford shared.

To say that the 28-year-old has become one of world netball’s most influential and best performed goal attacks, would be an understatement. With a significant workload and craftiness on court, a deadly accurate shot, and a cheerful personality, it is safe to say that Beckford will have little issues fitting into the new environment.

In fact, it would come as no surprise if the Dan Ryan-coached 2022 champions were to extend Beckford’s contract at the end of the season. But for now, the 5ft 9in tall goal-attack is focused on the immediate task at hand.

“I'm feeling a bit nervous and anxious, but also very excited to bring my years of experience to this new opportunity and to continue learning, as there's always room for improvement. I have the right tools to play at a high level. So, my overall goal is to make the most of this new challenge so that I can continue to grow as both a person and a player,” Beckford declared.

“I just want to maintain an open mind and be willing to embrace new ideas and perspectives. Consistency is also crucial as it helps to build momentum and produce results. Hard work is a given, but being open to learning new ways of doing things is equally important. Finally, it's also about having a great season and more importantly, having fun while doing it, building strong relationships, and making meaningful progress,” she ended.

Five-time Stacey Marinkovich Medallist Jhaniele Fowler will return to the West Coast Fever in the Suncorp Super Netball League for another two seasons and will be joined by fellow Sunshine Girls Shanice Beckford and Kadie-Ann Dehaney.

The 34-year-old shooter has been a player for the West Coast Fever since 2018 and led the team to the league title in 2022. She is excited about the coming season when she will be joined by two of her teammates from Jamaica's Sunshine Girls.

“2024 is going to be another amazing season with the Green Army behind us, we're going to do amazing things," said the Fever's leading scorer in the past five years.

“The addition of Shanice Beckford and Kadie-Ann Dehaney is going to be massive for Fever and I can't wait for the Green Army to see them in action. I have such a great connection with both Shanice and Kadie-Ann, to have three Sunshine Girls at Fever is honestly a dream come true.

“Round One cannot come quick enough. I’m super excited to be back on board for 2024 and can't wait to play in front of the Green Army at RAC Arena again.” 

Head Coach Dan Ryan was thrilled Fowler would continue her journey with the Club. 

“Jhaniele has so much more netball ahead of her and I know she will be even more dominant. She’s so hungry to keep improving her game and achieve more team success. 

“She’s a champion and a hugely respected leader so I know she’s going to play a key role in helping build our familiar but fresh-looking team.”

Fever have signed Beckford on one-year contract, and she will arrive in Perth in the new year. 

“It’s always been my dream to play netball in the best league in the world so to become part of such a wonderful netball family at West Coast Fever and to play in front of the Green Army will be truly an honour for me,” Beckford said.

“I know there is so much that I can learn in this new environment, while at the same time, I know that I have a lot to bring to the table including a ‘never say die’ winning attitude and a good work ethic.”

Ryan said Beckford was a world class goal attack who the Green Army are going to love.  

“Shanice has speed to burn, she’s crafty, accurate and the ultimate workhorse. Her combination with Jhaniele will be one to watch and I think she’s going to add real x-factor to our attack,” Ryan said.

“She’s been such a consistent performer for the Sunshine Girls for the past decade and is one of the unsung heroes of world netball. I really believe her best is yet to come.”

Dehaney crosses over to Fever from the Sunshine Coast Lightning and will partner Sunday Aryang and Fran Williams in defence for the next two seasons.

“I’m super excited and grateful for this opportunity to head over to the West and play for West Coast Fever,” Dehaney said. 

“I’m also looking forward to playing with my Jamaican teammates Jhaniele and Shanice on the SSN stage in front of the Green Army at RAC Arena.”

Ryan said Dehaney was an aggressive hunting defender who can win the ball in every way possible.

“Kadie-Ann has so much untapped potential and is absolutely ready to stamp her authority on this league. I truly believe this is her time to do it,” Ryan said.

“She’s got great height, range and her ability to confuse the space and cause some chaos is really impressive. She will fit our style of play and structures really nicely and with a few familiar faces in the team, I can really see her thriving in the Fever environment.”

A number of Caribbean players are now left in wait-and-see mode, as they could be affected by an ongoing pay dispute in the Australian Super Netball League.

Players such as Jamaica’s Jhaniele Fowler, Romelda Aiken-George, Shamera Sterling, and Trinidad and Tobago’s Samantha Wallace, are among those who will be watching with bated breaths, after Australia Netball Players’ Association rejected the latest offer from Netball Australia and the eight Super Netball League clubs.

Officials from Netball Australia and the clubs expressed disappointment at the ANPA’s dismissal of the offer that they described as a “ground-breaking” collective player agreement.

However, the ANPA in its response said, “the players believe they’ve bent over backwards” in a bid to reach an agreement, and they are now appealing for mediation “to achieve meaningful and fair progress.”

Netball Australia on Monday stated that an offer was made to improve its investment by AUS $1.275 million – a 20 per cent increase across a three-year deal.

Netball Australia explained that offer was on top of “the earning potential of a profit-share partnership model”, and this was without any forecast material increase in the sport’s revenue in the short term, given the current broadcast deal runs until 2026.

Netball Australia added that it offered a base wage increase of nine per cent over three years and a maximum salary cap increase of three per cent over the same term, in addition to increased potential commercial earnings, extra playing and earning opportunities with the introduction of rookies, and a share in the profits generated by the Super Netball League for the first time.

“Throughout negotiations, Netball Australia and the clubs have made significant concessions in good faith to finalise the deal and build a strong partnership model with the ANPA and Super Netball players. Netball Australia and the ANPA met again [this past] Saturday, and we continue to offer to meet to finalise a deal,” a statement from Netball Australia said.

“Netball Australia and the clubs are not opposed to mediation, but we are concerned beginning the process at this late stage would extend this already lengthy process and continue to delay the stability and certainty all parties seek.

“Netball Australia and the eight clubs have simply reached their capacity to make further concessions to the ANPA and players without jeopardising the health of the league and its teams, their respective stakeholders, and the entire netball eco-system in Australia,” the statement continued.

Netball Australia pointed out that any further increase to player wages beyond the current offer would be irresponsible, because they would negatively impact funding for community and grassroots netball.

It reiterated that the three-year deal would provide much-needed stability for the players, clubs and the league and would ensure all parties could focus on working together collectively to grow the sport.

“We appeal to the ANPA to re-consider our revised three-year offer and present it to all Super Netball players, so they can have their say,” the statement ended.

But the players’ association argued that Netball Australia had rejected a real partnership with the players.

“We cannot in good conscience lock players into an unfair three-year deal, which does not reflect their value and contribution,” the players’ association statement asserted.

“Adding to the players’ concern is a lack of clarity around the finances underpinning the game, and uncertainty around the strategic direction for netball.”

The schedule for the 2024 Super Netball League season is yet to be released because of the collective player agreement dispute.

Sterling and compatriot Latanya Wilson are members of The Adelaide Thunderbirds, while Wallace and Aiken-George represents New South Wales Swifts. Fowler is a member of West Coast Fever.


Sunshine Girls and West Coast Fever star, Jhaniele Fowler, has described winning her fifth Stacey Marinkovich Medal, awarded to the West Coast Fever’s MVP of the season, as an “amazing feeling.”

The dominant goal shooter led the Suncorp Super League in net points with 1516.5 and goals with 872, respectively.

Her 872 goals put her more than 200 goals clear of anybody else, with Donnell Wallam of the Queensland Firebirds coming closest with 669.

Fowler was also selected as the Fever’s Players’ Player of the Year.

“It’s an amazing feeling. I’m more than honored and elated to have been selected for this prestigious medal,” Fowler said.

She noted that having her family there to witness it made it more special.

“It definitely means a lot more to have them to celebrate this momentous accomplishment with,” she said.

With this being her fifth time winning the medal, Fowler was asked if this one felt any different than the others.

“It’s right up there with the other ones,” she said.

“Every year that I win this I try to not take it for granted because there’s a lot of work that goes into this, not only on my behalf but what my teammates have to put in for us to get here and for me to get here is so incredible. Each one means the same,” Fowler added.

Fowler will now turn her attention to the Netball World Cup set to begin on July 28 in South Africa.

“The next couple of weeks looks like me going in with my Jamaican teammates. We’re going into camp for a few weeks and then heading to the World Cup and taking that head on,” Fowler added.

Dominant goal shooter, Jhaniele Fowler, was named as the West Coast Fever’s Stacey Marinkovich Medal recipient for the fifth time after another dominant season in the Suncorp Super Netball League.

The medal, named after former Australian player Stacey Marinkovich, is awarded to the team’s Most Valuable Player for the season.

Fowler, who has also been named MVP of the league for the last five seasons, led the league in net points with 1516.5 and goals with 872, respectively.

Her 872 goals put her more than 200 goals clear of anybody else, with Donnell Wallam of the Queensland Firebirds coming closest with 669.

Fowler was also selected as the Fever’s Players’ Player of the Year.

Romelda Aiken-George’s New South Wales Swifts stunned Jhaniele Fowler’s defending champions West Coast Fever 65-64 to advance to the grand final of the Suncorp Super Netball League.

The Fever got out to a 19-15 lead at the end of the first quarter at the Qudos Bank Arena in New South Wales on Saturday.

An 18-16 second quarter win for the Swifts meant the deficit between the teams at half-time was just two, with the defending champions ahead 35-33.

After the third quarter, the Fever enjoyed a 51-46 lead and looked set to get a chance to defend their title.

The Swifts had other ideas, however, and produced a stunning fourth quarter comeback, outscoring the Fever 19-13 to secure the one-point win and a trip to the title decider.

Aiken-George led the way with 25 goals from 26 attempts for the Swifts while Fowler scored 55 goals from 56 attempts for the Fever.

Their opponents in the Grand Final will be the Adelaide Thunderbirds, home of Sunshine Girls Shamera Sterling and Latanya Wilson.

The Swifts will be looking for revenge after the Thunderbirds beat them 64-62 in the preliminary finals.


Spurred by Jhaniele Fowler’s 55 goals, defending Suncorp Super League champions, West Coast Fever, defeated Melbourne Vixens 64-57 on Sunday to advance to the preliminary final against New South Wales Swifts on July 1.

 The winner will the Adelaide Thunderbirds in the Grand Final set for July 8.

The Thunderbirds defeated the Swifts 64-62 on Saturday night.

In what was a tough match, Fowler playing before her home crowd at the RAC Arena, missed just one shot as Fever led each quarter 15-14, 17-16, 16-14, before opening up a seven-point lead after taking the final quarter 16-13.

Mwai Kumwenda only missed one of her 40 attempts to lead the scoring for the Vixens.

Over at the Qudos Bank Arena, Romelda Aiken George’s 29 goals were not enough to get the New South Wales Swifts against the Thunderbirds, who pulled off a dramatic 64-62 victory to book a place in the Grand Finals.

Helen Housby added 15 goals for the Swifts but Eleanor Cardwell’s 18 goals, 13 from Lucy Austin and 11 from Tippa Dwan were just enough to seal the Thunderbirds’ place in the final.

While acknowledging that playing in Australia has assisted in her development as a player to arguably become the best goal shooter in the world, Jamaica's ace Jhaniele Fowler says international players have given the Super Netball competition more flavour and flair.

Fowler, who represents the West Coast Fever shared her views in the midst of a debate about whether Super Netball should have a cap on international players, who currently make up 17.5 per cent of all players in the tournament.

Fowler, a five-time league MVP, believes the competition should remain open.

“International players do come in and make the competition rounded and exciting. We do bring a little bit of different flavour, a bit of flair, but just more talents and more skill set,” Fowler said in a recent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald.

Though the Australia Football League (AFL), the Australia Football League Women’s (AFLW) and the A-Leagues don’t have any official caps on international players –with the caveat that salary caps can limit star imports –the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) limits imports to two per team, while the National Basketball League (NBL) is capped at three.

In a global context, the Women’s Super League soccer competition in England has a “home grown players” clause where in a squad of 25 players registered in their squad cap, there must be at least 15 registered home-grown players. A home-grown player is someone who, irrespective of their nationality, has been registered with a club affiliated to the Football Association for three seasons – or 36 months – before their 21st birthday.

In the UK-based Netball Superleague, teams are permitted up to two overseas players, but a team cannot have more than one overseas player in the attacking, midcourt or defensive positions on the court at once.

But, where Super Netball is concerned, Fowler is one of seven Jamaican players in the Australian league, including Thunderbirds defensive duo Shamera Sterling and Latanya Wilson and Collingwood’s Shimona Nelson.

For Fowler, moving to Australia has made her a more complete player, as she pointed to improvements to her craft under elite coaches and, by extension, playing against the best in the world each week. But in the same breath, she is of the view that it is also a two-way street, as the Jamaican players have made the game more exciting.

“They’re amazing, they’re so athletic,” said Fowler.

“Just week in, week out, when you see the Jamaican players go out there, the commentators, everyone, has to talk about them because they have made such an impact in this league in their teams,” she added.

Former Diamonds head coach, and a current coaching mentor, Lisa Alexander, didn’t think there should be a cap on international players, but her stance was different while she was Australia’s coach.

“As a national coach with a different purpose, I thought differently in the past and did call for restrictions to be two imports per team. If we eventually become the best in the world like the NBA [is to basketball], then we must have a draft and salary cap,” she said.

Alexander explained that, without a cap, the Super Netball competition would continue to provide a world-class competition for Australian athletes to compete in, week in, week out.

Netball legend and Hall of Famer Jill McIntosh praised the strength of the league but pushed for a cap on the number of international players allowed in the competition.

McIntosh, who captained Australia to their 1983 World Cup win, said that while imports have been good for the league, she is worried that without a limit, potential Diamonds players could be benched.

“We’re not in the Olympics, so our World Cup is our pinnacle,” McIntosh said. “I want to see the sport survive and thrive.”

Meanwhile, veteran netballer Ash Brazill said she would like to see more teams added to the competition to give more opportunities to local players, given the spots taken up by international players.

“I can’t wait to see extra teams added to our league because in the end there are only 80 spots, and we have 25 internationals. It’s pretty hard as Australians to get one of those 55 spots that are left. I think we definitely need some more teams for the Australian pool,” said Brazill.

However, Fowler reiterated international players also improve world netball by affording more opportunities for players in countries that don’t have avenues to develop or play.

“I reckon it should just stay open because, if you look, there are still teams in the league that do not really have an international player on their team yet. I reckon I can safely say that, and if anything, some teams just maybe have one international player,” Fowler argued.

She continued: “But I reckon, yeah, bring the international players in, also give them the experience because other countries don’t have the competition back home to develop players.

“So, it would be good for netball on a whole because then you will see that the competition is not just Australia, New Zealand, England or Jamaica in top four – other countries are putting out and delivering as well. And then netball is just going to be even more exciting. You just don’t want to see the same countries winning all the time.”

That international rivalry will be put on show at the upcoming World Cup in Cape Town in next month, but first Fowler has a Super Netball semi-final to win.

Despite West Coast having an inconsistent season with “ups and downs”, the 36-year-old Fowler said they are proud to have finished in third spot, meaning they take on Melbourne Vixens in a knockout grand final rematch in which the Fever will have home-court advantage.

“Definitely, it will be pretty good coming up against the Vixens. They’re going to be a really tough team to beat, but we know that we have what it takes to win,” Fowler declared.

“The green army, they’re really loud, and they also always help to get us over the line, so we’re going to make sure to capitalize on having the home court,” she ended.

The semi-final match-ups have been set in the Suncorp Super Netball League after the top two teams lost on the weekend of the league.

The weekend results mean that Romelda Aiken George’s Swifts will take on Shamera Sterling’s Thunderbirds at Qudos Bank Arena on Saturday, June 24, the in the first of two semi-final clashes. The winner will face victor of the West Coast Fever/Melbourne Vixens clash at the RAC Arena on Sunday, June 25.

On Saturday, league leaders New South Wales Swifts fell victim to the Adelaide Thunderbirds who won the electrifying encounter 60-57 at the Ken Rosewall Arena. Thunderbirds led 32-29 at half-time but by the end of the third both teams were locked on 42 points apiece heading into the crucial fourth quarter.

Thunderbirds edged it taking the quarter 18-15 to seal victory.

Eleanor Cardwell scored 25 goals and Lucy Austin 16 for the Thunderbirds, who moved back into second place with their ninth win of the season and broke a nine-game winning streak by the Swifts for whom Romelda Aiken George scored 27 which included her 8000th goal in the league. Helen Housby supported with 11 goals.

Defending champions West Coast Fever slipped back to third after going down 65-62 Collingwood Magpies at the Silverdome to record their fifth loss of the season.

In her last match as a Magpie, Shimona Nelson scored 51 goals which proved to be enough to overcome the 53 scored by Fever’s Jhaniele Fowler and help script the franchise’s fairytale ending.

Meanwhile, the Sunshine Coast Lightning burned the Queensland Firebirds 66-60 and GIANTS defeated Melbourne Vixens 60-57.




In an impressive display of shooting prowess, Jhaniele Fowler led the defending Suncorp Super League champions, West Coast Fever, to a 72-61 victory over the GIANTS at the RAC Arena on Saturday. Fowler's scoring prowess was on full display as she matched the GIANTS' final score of 61 points, missing only one shot throughout the match.

Contributing to the Fever's success, Sasha Glasgow maintained a perfect shooting record, going three for three and nailing four super shots. By halftime, the Fever held a narrow 37-33 lead.

Despite Jo Harten's 19 goals and the combined efforts of Matisse Letherbarrow and Sophie Dwyer, who both scored 10 goals, the GIANTS found themselves trailing by 10 points at the end of the third quarter. The Fever outscored them 21-15 in a dominant display.

Although the final quarter was a more evenly contested affair, the outcome of the match had already been decided.

With this victory, their ninth of the season, the Fever climbed to second place in the league standings. The New South Wales Swifts remain at the top of the table after a convincing 78-65 win against the Queensland Firebirds at the Nissan Arena. Romelda Aiken-George led the charge for the Swifts, racking up an impressive 43 goals. Supported by Helen Housby's 17 goals, the Swifts secured their 10th win of the season.

Despite Donnell Wallam's 34 goals for the Firebirds, it was another defeat for the team, marking their ninth loss of the season, and leaving them in seventh place in the league.

In the meantime, former league leaders Adelaide Thunderbirds slipped to third place after suffering a close 56-54 loss to the Sunshine Coast Lightning at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

Jamaican goal shooter Jhaniele Fowler scored her 5000th Suncorp Super Netball league goal as her West Coast Fever narrowly came out 69-65 winners over the Sunshine Coast Lightning on Saturday.

Fowler converted 19 of her team’s first 20 goals in the first quarter as the Fever built a seven-point lead entering the second period.

The Lightning then had an improved showing in the second quarter, eventually losing 14-17 to enter halftime facing a 27-37 deficit.

The lead built by the Fever proved to be extremely important as the Lightning came out blazing in the second half winning the third and fourth quarters by six points, eventually coming up just four points shy of their opponents at the end of proceedings.

In total, Fowler converted 54 goals from 58 attempts to keep the defending champions third in the table on 32 points, two behind the Adelaide Thunderbirds and New South Wales Swifts, from 12 games.

Key defensive plays from Shamera Sterling and Latanya Wilson overcame another high-percentage shooting performance from Jhaniele Fowler as the Adelaide Thunderbirds pulled off another thrilling one-goal win 54-53 over the West Coast Fever at the Netball SA Stadium on Saturday.

Fowler, the Suncorp Super Netball League’s leading scorer, converted 42 of 43 attempts but it was not enough to prevent the reigning champions from falling to their fourth defeat of the season.

Wilson earned 74.5 Nissan Net Points and Sterling 63 for defensive play that held off the defending champions who led 20-12 after the first quarter. However, the league leaders managed to close the gap by the half-time interval after outscoring Fever 14-11 in the second.

The low-scoring encounter saw the Thunderbirds win the third and fourth quarters, 13-10 and 15-12, respectively to snatch another close win. Eleanor Cardwell converted 26 of her 30 shots and Lucy Austin scored six from six in the hard-fought victory.

Adelaide Thunderbirds now have eight wins and just two losses from their 11 games this season while Fever dropped to seven wins and four losses and are only third on goal difference over Melbourne Vixens who also have a record of seven wins and four losses.

The Vixens suffered their fourth loss of the season going down 70-62 to New South Wales Swifts, who got 29 goals from Romelda Aiken-George from 34 attempts and a perfect 16 from 16 from Helen Housby.

Mwai Kumwenda scored 33 of her 35 attempts for the Vixens.

Meanwhile, Shimona Nelson scored 53 goals from 56 attempts for the Collingwood Magpies, whose miserable season will be their last in the Suncorp Super Netball League, as they suffered yet another defeat.

The Magpies were outscored 66-62 by the Sunshine Coast Lightning in what was their ninth loss of the season.

Cara Koenen scored 34 from 35 and Steph Wood 20/24 for the Lightning who were picking up their fourth win of the season and are current fifth in the league standings.

Defending Suncorp Super Netball League champions West Coast Fever rebounded by last weekend’s loss with a record-breaking performance against the Queensland Firebirds on Sunday.

Having lost to New South Wales Swifts by a single goal last week, and three of their last four to slip to third in the league table, the Fever responded by crushing the Firebirds 97-63 at the RAC Arena. The 97 goals scored was the highest number of goals scored in a single match in the league.

Led by Jhaniele Fowler’s 52 goals from 56 attempts and Sasha Glasgow’s perfect 15 of 15, the Fever led by 10 (27-17) at the end of the first quarter and extended the lead to 20 at half time after outscoring Queensland 23-13 in the second.

The Firebirds managed to rally in the third quarter in which they were outscored 21-18 but the Fever put their foot back down on their necks in the final quarter 26-15 to win by a massive 34 goals.

Donnell Wallam led the scoring for the Firebirds with 37 goals from 40 attempts.

Fowler scored her 500th goal of the season and ended the match with a tally of 552, 75 more than Wallam.

The Fever’s seventh win of the season saw them maintain third place in the league standings despite Adelaide Thunderbirds falling to a massive 21-point loss to Melbourne Vixens on Saturday.

The league leaders suffered only their second loss of the season 60-39 due mainly to outstanding defensive play by the Vixen’s mid-court.

Shamera Sterling had a strong start for the Thunderbirds, with a rebound, two intercepts, and a deflection in a formidable first term. Her performance spurred the Thunderbirds to a three-point lead (14-11) over the Vixens as the first quarter came to a close.

However, the Vixens defense were relentless. Emily Mannix had an impressive display with five intercepts, four deflections as the Vixens stamped their authority on the encounter.

Mwai Kumwenda (21/22) and Kiera Austin (23/30) led the scoring for the Vixens while Eleanor Cardwell scored 21 of 24 and Georgie Horjus scored eight goals for the Thunderbirds.

In another lop-sided match on Saturday, Romelda Aiken-George scored 26 from 32 attempts, Helen Housby 14 from 17 and Sophie Fawns 17 from 22 as the New South Wales Swifts swamped Collingwood Magpies 85-56 at the Ken Rosewall Arena despite Shimona Nelson’s 35 goals from just 37 attempts.

It was the Swifts’ largest margin of victory this season.



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