Sports Innovators Group Ltd (SIG) has inked at three-year deal with Spanish La Liga club CA Osasuna to organize an annual football camp in Jamaica. The inaugural camp, scheduled for April 1-5, 2024, at the Barbican Astro Turf, promises an enriching experience for young Jamaican football enthusiasts aged 8 to 17, both boys and girls.

The collaboration between SIG and CA Osasuna aims to provide Jamaican players with the opportunity to refine their skills under the guidance of experienced coaches, fostering their development and enhancing their chances of success in professional football. Managing Director at SIG, Paul Campbell, expressed the strategic importance of offering such opportunities to young players, citing the success of the previous SL Benfica camp and the need to maximize the potential of Jamaican talent.

"We felt from a strategic perspective that it was important for us to offer more opportunities to our young players by giving them the best possible chance of maximizing their potential," said Campbell, emphasizing the impact of quality coaching on player development.

Campbell highlighted concerns regarding Jamaican players' struggles to adapt to the demands of professional football overseas, emphasizing the importance of introducing European methodologies at an early age to facilitate smoother transitions in the future.

The CA Osasuna camp, accommodating 80 players, will feature two daily sessions, each hosting 40 participants over the first four days. On the fifth day, players will have the chance to showcase their skills during inter-squad games, providing a platform to impress coaches.

Head of the Physical Conditioning department at CA Osasuna, Iokin Lobo Yeregui, expressed excitement about working with Jamaican players, emphasizing the importance of developing their specific skills and leveraging their potential at a crucial age.

"This football training camp is a good opportunity to develop the specific skills of the children, taking into account their age is important to taking advantage of the window of opportunity they have," said Yeregui. "I think it will be successful as Jamaica is a special country to develop football, and we are going to live this experience to the fullest."

Endorsed by the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA), the camp will also serve as a talent identification opportunity for CA Osasuna, potentially opening doors for Jamaican players to pursue professional careers abroad.

In addition to player development, the camp will include a coaching education workshop, offering ten local coaches the chance to collaborate with CA Osasuna coaches over the five-day period, further enriching football expertise in Jamaica.

With the partnership between SIG and CA Osasuna, Jamaican football stands poised to benefit from world-class coaching and opportunities for player and coach development, marking a significant step forward in the nation's footballing journey.




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