The energy was palpable as the National Powerlifting Association of Jamaica Limited (NPAJ) National Deadlift Championship 2023, sponsored by GraceKennedy Money Services, unfolded on Saturday, September 23, 2023, at the Fit Farm Fitness Center.

The championship showcased some of Jamaica's most formidable powerlifters, but one name shone brighter than the rest - Roxroy Campbell.

Campbell, the reigning NPAJ Male Deadlift Champion for 2022, once again proved his mettle, defending his title with sheer determination and raw power. His lifts were nothing short of remarkable, displaying strength that left the audience in awe.

His first lift was an astounding 286.36 kg (630 lbs.), setting the stage for an unforgettable competition. With the crowd's support ringing in his ears, he continued to rise to the challenge. His second lift was a colossal 295.45 kg (650 lbs.), solidifying his dominance. However, it was his third lift that had everyone holding their breath; though unsuccessful at 309.09 kg (680 lbs.), he earned 39.35 GL Points, showcasing his unrelenting spirit.

The Powerlifting Voice had the privilege of sitting down with Roxroy Campbell, who graciously shared insights into his journey and the championship.

“My training program changed for every powerlifting meet. When it's for a deadlift meet, my coach and I mainly focus on that area. For this deadlift meet, I honestly didn't get the preparation I wanted due to the gym league finals two weeks in advance of this meet," he said.

Campbell also offered insight into hos mental preparation for the challenge ahead.

"My mental state is where my strength really is. My technique is visualizing, or better yet, manifesting that this is mine, that I'm medaling or getting a PR. Also, I know people are cheering for me, and that too puts me in a mental space to stay focused and go hard," he said.

As far as challenges go, Campbell’s were mainly financial.

"We all do face challenges in every aspect of life. My main ones are financial challenges to eat healthily, buy supplements, better yet, gym gear like knee sleeves, etc. That's where my main challenges are. Otherwise, from that, nothing gets to me. I stay focused and ignore the bad energies," Campbell said.

He also outlined some memorable moments from the championships.

"Yeah, I would be lying if I said there wasn't. I mean, this is the deadlift where everybody goes hard. I kind of knew I was going to win my 93kg weight class, but overall was my biggest challenge. As I stated earlier, I wasn't fully prepared; I was a bit tired from the gym league. I really wanted to pull 700 lbs. because I knew I could. But my biggest opponent came from the 105kg class. I wasn't at my best, and I know Steffon also got 700 lbs. in him too. Not getting my third lift, which was 680, put a little fear in me, but we have to settle for what our body can produce on that day. Still grateful for my numbers," he said.

Finally, Campbell sent a message to aspiring powerlifters.

“My advice I would give to aspiring powerlifters is: don't fear anyone, don't hate on anybody, show respect to those that were there before you, even after you. It's okay not to get the results you really wanted on the day of the meets. Also, work hard; the gym is something that is all about hard work and discipline. But do listen to your body when it's telling you how it feels; don't ever ignore that. My future plans are to become the best powerlifter that ever walked this planet, and represent my country at higher levels. But this too really depends on my financial status. I do really want to take this to another level, but money does play a big part in everyday life," he said.

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, the Fit Farm Fitness compound came alive with the power and determination of 45 out of 46 athletes participating in the GraceKennedy Money Services NPAJ National Deadlift Championship.

The platform was set for an intense competition that would determine the nation's strongest Deadlifter.

In a display of remarkable strength and skill, Roxroy Campbell, the reigning NPAJ 2022 male Deadlift Champion, successfully defended his title, solidifying his position as one of Jamaica's top powerlifters.

The female division saw the emergence of a new champion, Latasha Jackson, who was crowned the NPAJ female Deadlift Champion for 2023.

The growth and competitiveness of the NPAJ National Deadlift Championship were evident in the increased number of weight classes. The International Powerlifting Federation's sixteen (16) weight classes, divided equally between males and females, were well-represented, with thirteen (13) NPAJ athletes competing in various divisions.

This marked a significant expansion compared to the previous year when only ten (10) weight classes were contested. Furthermore, the 2023 championship witnessed an exciting development with nine (9) records from the 2022 Deadlift event being shattered, along with the establishment of three (3) new weight class records.

In the female’ s section, Deidre Lewis emerged as the champion in the 57 kg. weight class, lifting an impressive 134 kg. (295 lbs.) and accumulating 32.80 GL Points. It is worth noting that Deidre also set a new class record, further demonstrating her dominance in this category.

In the 63 kg. weight class championship, Dian Palmer emerged as the winner by lifting 100 kg. (220 lbs.) and scoring 22.18 GL Points. Dejanai Beckford, a new participant in NPAJ, secured the second position by lifting 93 kg. (205 lbs.) and scoring 21.54 GL Points. Beckford showed remarkable potential and is a rising star to watch in the future.

In the 69 kg. weight category, Shrona Scott emerged as the champion by lifting an impressive 152.27 kg. (335 lbs.) and earning 32.05 GL Points. Her remarkable performance not only secured her victory but also set a new record for the category, surpassing the previous mark set in 2022. Cheyenne Campbell closely followed in second place, also lifting 152.27 kg. (335 lbs.) with 31.63 GL Points, making it a fierce competition. Noellissa Swaby secured the third position with a lift of 95.45 kg. (210 lbs.) and 19.89 GL Points.

In the 76 kg. weight class, Chevaneese Powell successfully defended her title by lifting an impressive 159.09 kg. (350 lbs.) and earning 32.00 GL points. This remarkable achievement not only secured her title but also set a new record, surpassing her record from the previous year. However, Kishon Green and Nadesha Thompson were disqualified due to weight violations.

The 84 kg. weight class has a new champion in Latasha Jackson, a newcomer who lifted an astonishing 190.91 kg. (420 lbs.) and earned 36.34 GL Points. Latasha not only secured her victory but also set a new record, surpassing the previous mark set in 2022. Ayana Duhaney, the former class weight champion, secured the second position with a lift of 186.36 kg. (410 lbs.) and 35.72 GL Points. Tesi Scott claimed the third position by lifting 184.09 kg. (405 lbs.) and earning 35.16 GL Points.

In the 84 kg.+ weight class, Aiesha Denton successfully defended her title, lifting 188.64 kg. (415 lbs.) and scoring 33.35 GL Points. She also set a new record, surpassing her previous mark from 2022. Kerri-Ann McDonald, a newcomer, secured the second position by lifting 143.18 kg. (315 lbs.) and scoring 26.88 GL Points, while Kai Clarke finished third by lifting 136.36 kg. (300 lbs.) and scoring 24.63 GL Points. Unfortunately, Tashian Wallace was disqualification due to a weight violation.

In the men`s section of the 59 kg. weight class, Corey Taylor lifted an impressive 202.27 kg. (445 lbs.) to become the champion, setting a new class record and earning 31.48 GL points.

Competing in the 74 kg. weight class, Jaheem Forrester put on an impressive display of strength by lifting 247.73 kg. (545 lbs.) and earning 36.31 GL points. With this remarkable feat, Jaheem also set a new record, surpassing the previous mark of 147.4 kg. (325 lbs.) set by Raun Earle in 2022. Robert Williams, a Masters 3 athlete, secured the second spot in this class with a lift of 181.82 kg. (400 lbs.) and 28.13 GL points.

In the 83 kg. weight class, Nathan Dawkins was crowned class champion after lifting an incredible 268.18 kg. (590 lbs.) and earning 37.36 GL points. Nathan's performance set a new record, surpassing Jerome Tucker's previous mark of 249.4 kg. (550 lbs.) from 2022. Gary Adamson secured the second position by lifting 250 kg. (550 lbs.) and earning 34.65 GL points, while Nyib Howitt and Giovanni Land claimed the third and fourth positions, respectively. Unfortunately, Brent Lee and Joshua Ivey were disqualified due to weight violations.

The 93 kg. weight class saw defending champion Roxroy Campbell retaining his title with a powerful lift of 295.45 kg. (650 lbs.) and an impressive 39.35 GL points. Roxroy also established a new class record, surpassing Bruce Wilson's previous mark from the previous year. Stephaun Jarrett secured the second position with 279.55 kg. (615 lbs.) and 36.60 GL points, followed by Xavier McCarty, Mervin Barrett, Rushane Johnson, and Odijah Clarke. Daniel Palmer was disqualified for a weight violation.

In the 105 kg. weight class, the defending champion Staffon Commock maintained his title by lifting an incredible 300 kg. (660 lbs.) and earning 37.79 GL points. Staffon's remarkable performance set a new record for the class, surpassing his previous mark. The second position was secured by newcomer Ronald Oates, who lifted 265.91 kg. (585 lbs.) and earned 34.16 GL points.

 Darren Thomas was declared the champion of the 120 kg. weight class after lifting an impressive 245.45 kg. (540 lbs.) and earning 29.02 GL points. This weight class previously had a record of 278.9 kg. (615 lbs.) held by Johnwayne Goulbourne since 2022, which remained unbeaten. The defending champion, Desmond Thompson, set a new record in the 120 kg+ weight class by lifting an impressive 322.73 kg. (710 lbs.) and earning 36.21 GL points. This surpassed his record from the previous year. Bruce Higgins secured second place with a lift of 295.45 kg. (650 lbs.), while Sashane Tomlinson finished third with 256.82 kg. (565 lbs.).

Mr. Michael Blair, the President of NPAJ, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all those who had contributed to making this championship a monumental achievement.

"This event was a culmination of countless hours of dedication and hard work," said Mr. Blair during an exclusive interview with Powerlifting Voice.

"Not only from our remarkable athletes but also from the dedicated NPAJ officials who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Their unwavering commitment and passion for the sport were instrumental in making this championship a reality."

In the heart of Manchester, the Fusion Gym in Mandeville was buzzing with excitement on Saturday, September 9th, 2023.

Powerlifting enthusiasts from across Jamaica had gathered for the NPAJ/GraceKennedy Money Services Powerlifting Gym League finals. It was a day filled with passion, strength, and determination, but one team stood above the rest - the Irie Gunners.

The crowd watched in awe as the athletes from Team Fit Farm in St. Andrew and Irie Gunners from Manchester gave their all on the platform. The atmosphere was electric, and the anticipation was palpable. It was evident that this year's championship would be fiercely contested.

As the competition progressed, it became clear that the Irie Gunners were on a mission. They started the season as favorites, and they were determined to live up to the expectations. Their dedication to training and their unwavering focus had set them on a path to glory.

The highlight of the event came when the Irie duo of Roxroy Campbell and Aiesha Denton took centre stage. Roxroy Campbell showcased his incredible strength in the squat, bench press, and deadlift, totaling an impressive 703 kilograms. His performance earned him the title of the top male lifter in the competition.

On the female side, Aiesha Denton was an unstoppable force. She demonstrated her prowess in the squat, bench press, and deadlift, amassing a total of 474 kilograms. Aiesha's performance secured her the title of the top female lifter of the competition.

But the victory was not solely attributed to them. The entire Irie Gunners team showed exceptional teamwork and determination. Tashian Wallace, Nadesha Thompson, and Roxroy Campbell all contributed significantly to the team's success, accumulating points that would ultimately tip the scales in their favor.

When the dust settled and the final scores were tallied, it was official - Irie Gunners from Manchester had been crowned the Champion of the NPAJ/GraceKennedy Money Services Powerlifting Gym League for 2023. The Fusion Gym erupted in cheers as the Irie Gunners celebrated their well-deserved victory.

Irie Gunners had scored a total of 249 GL Points, showcasing their dominance throughout the season. Team Fit Farm, the runner-up, put up a valiant effort, amassing 220.80 GL Points. The competition had been intense, but Irie Gunners had proven themselves as the top powerlifting team in Jamaica.

In the end, the individual performances of each athlete from both teams contributed to the thrilling spectacle of strength and determination. Deidre Lewis, Fiona Binns, Jonhio Vaughn, and Desmond Thompson from Team Fit Farm had all showcased their incredible abilities, pushing their limits to achieve greatness.

In an interview with Powerlifting Voice, Mr. Zacariah Thompson, the head coach of the Irie Gunners Gym, shed light on the key moments and strategies that led to their victory in the NPAJ GraceKennedy Money Services Powerlifting Gym League 2023 Championship. According to Coach Thompson, a pivotal moment in the competition was when Aiesha successfully executed a 405-pound squat, a feat that signaled their imminent victory. He emphasized the significance of their rigorous training regimen, highlighting the exceptional dedication of each team member as a crucial factor in their triumph.

Coach Thompson also discussed their unique training approach in preparation for the championship. Instead of following their traditional routine, they began by assessing each athlete's strength and focusing on their core area, a method that seemed to pay off. When addressing the mental aspect of powerlifting, Coach Thompson emphasized the importance of instilling self-belief in his athletes, motivating them to realize their potential and strive for greatness.

When asked about standout performances, Coach Thompson commended all the team members for their outstanding efforts, with a special mention of the female athletes who achieved personal records. He also praised Dane's (Roxroy) consistent improvement in every competition.

Looking ahead, Coach Thompson expressed his determination to maintain and enhance the team's success.

Roxroy Campbell, who was named the top male athlete in the NPAJ Powerlifting Gym League 2023 Final, talked about his journey to success. Campbell mentioned a crucial moment during the competition - his second squat attempt - which he believes was a significant contributor to his victory.

Campbell credited his mental discipline for keeping him focused and motivated. He drew inspiration from those around him and his coach.

Aiesha Denton, who was crowned the top female athlete at the NPAJ Powerlifting Gym League 2023 Final, expressed elation when asked about her feelings regarding the prestigious title.

Ms. Denton credited her achievement to her unyielding commitment and diligent efforts, highlighting the crucial aspects of steadfastness, concentration, and determination that drove her to succeed. She admitted encountering challenges during the competition, particularly about squat depth and bench press strength, but her determination enabled her to overcome these obstacles.

The National Powerlifting Association of Jamaica (NPAJ) is buzzing as the highly anticipated Grace Kennedy Money Services National Powerlifting Series Bench Press 2023 approaches.

The event, scheduled to take place on July 15th, 2023 at the Fit Farm Venue, promises to showcase the incredible strength and determination of the nation's powerlifters. With an increase in the number of athletes participating this year, the stage is set for an unforgettable display of raw power.

The NPAJ proudly announces that a record-breaking 48 athletes have registered for the competition, representing a 52% increase compared to the previous year. This surge in participation reflects the growing popularity and recognition of powerlifting in Jamaica, as more individuals embrace the sport and test their limits.

Among the participants, 14 powerful females will be vying for glory, marking a significant 57% increase compared to the previous year. The rise in female athletes is a testament to the inclusive and empowering nature of powerlifting, as more women break barriers and prove their mettle on the platform.

In the highly competitive 63kg weight class, one female athlete stands out. Simona Mahfouz, the winner of the Squat Only 2023 event earlier this year, is determined to make her mark in the Bench Press category.

While no Bench Press record has been established yet, all eyes will be on Mahfouz as she pushes herself to new heights. In the 69kg weight class, three formidable females are set to battle it out.

Shaniqueka Allman, the class's defending champion and record holder, has proven her dominance in the Bench Press category. However, she finished third in the recent Squat Only 69kg event, which has only fueled her determination to reclaim her spot at the top. Shrona Scott, a previous runner-up in the 76kg Bench Press in 2022, has decided to move down to the 69kg class. With a win in the 69kg Squat Only 2023 event, she aims to make her presence felt. Cheyenne Campbell joins them, making her debut in the Bench Press after an impressive performance in the Squat Only event. The current class record in the 69kg weight class stands at 56.7kg/ 125 lbs. with a 46.49 GLP, held by Shaniqueka Allman.

In the 76kg weight class, two rising stars are ready to showcase their strength. Chevaneese Powell emerged victorious in the Squat Only 2023 event, and she is eager to make her mark in the Bench Press category. Kishon Green, the runner-up in the Squat Only 2023 event, is determined to prove her prowess on the bench press. Both athletes will be looking to challenge the class record held by Fiona Binns since 2022, who has moved up to the 84kg weight class for the 2023 season. The current class record in the 76kg weight class stands at 49.97kg/ 110 lbs. with a 38.34 GLP, held by Fiona Binns.

The 84kg weight class promises to be fiercely contested, with five talented females ready to give it their all. Ayana Duhaney, the defending champion, and record holder for the class, is keen on retaining her title and breaking her record in the process. Monique Smith, making her NPAJ debut, will be looking to make a strong first impression. Tzari Saunders, returning after a year's absence, aims to reclaim her spot among the elite. Fiona Binns, the record holder for the 76kg Bench Press in 2022, has chosen to challenge herself in the 84kg class this year. Tesi Scott, who faced disqualification in her Bench Press debut last year, is determined to make amends after finishing second in the Squat Only 2023 event. The current class record in the 84kg weight class stands at 70.37kg/ 155 lbs. with a 53.84 GLP, held by Ayana Duhaney.

In the 84+kg weight class, three powerhouses are ready to showcase their strength. Aiesha Denton, the reigning champion, and record holder, is looking to defend her title and set a new benchmark for the class. Kayla Edwards will be making her NPAJ Series debut, hoping to make an impression. Tashian Wallace, finishing second in the Squat Only 2023 event, is eager to prove herself on the bench. The current class record in the 84+kg weight class stands at 70.37kg/ 155 lbs. with a 50.56 GLP, held by Aiesha Denton. Compared to last year, the NPAJ has witnessed a remarkable 50% surge, with a total of 34 male powerlifters ready to demonstrate their prowess on the bench press platform.

In the fiercely contested 74kg weight class, six exceptional individuals will be vying for the top spot. Krishna Harris, the reigning champion in the Squat Only 2023, will make his bench press debut as he aims to solidify his dominance in this weight class. Joshua Ivey, who secured second place in the Squat Only 2023, will also be making his highly anticipated bench press debut. Jaheem Forrester, seeking redemption after a disqualification in the bench press last year, is determined to rewrite his story. Shaun Jennings, Brent Lee, and Joseph Walsh, all making their NPAJ debuts, will add excitement and competition to the mix. The 74kg weight class is wide open, as no records have been established in this category yet.

The 83kg weight class boasts an equally competitive field of six talented athletes. Damar Grant, the defending champion and record holder in the 83kg class bench press in 2022, comes into the competition with confidence after his recent triumph in the Squat Only 2023. Alexander Carrington, who claimed the second spot in the Squat Only 2023, will be looking for a different result this time as he makes his bench press debut. Hakeem Weir, Jévon Mitchell, Gary Adamson, and Kevin Taylor will also be competing, each bringing their unique strengths and aspirations to the stage. The current class record in the 83kg weight class stands at 124.77kg/275 lbs. with a 63.17 GLP, held by Damar Grant.

The 93kg weight class promises an electrifying showdown, with nine male powerlifters vying for the championship title. Ricardo Williams, who finished third in the Bench Press Only last year, will be looking to improve his standing. Xavier McCarty, Bruce Wilson, Rushane Johnson, David Answer, Scott Williams, Mervin Barrett, Roxroy Campbell, and Nathan Dawkins, all making their bench press debuts, are determined to make their presence felt and claim the coveted title. The current class record in the 93kg weight class is held by Jevon DaCosta with 195kg/430 lbs. and a 92.78 GLP.

The 105kg weight class features five powerlifters ready to leave their mark on the competition. Jevauny Simpson, Jonhoi Vaughn, Tavio Fairweather, Tajeel Thomas, and Staffon Commock will battle it out for supremacy. While Jonhoi Vaughn holds the title of the 105kg class Squat Only 2023 champion, the bench press competition remains open, with no records established yet.

In the 120kg weight class, the reigning champion and record holder Johnwayne Goulbourne returns to defend his title. Gregory Brown, who secured second place last year, and Darren Thomas, who won the Squat Only 2023, will also be contending for the championship. This weight class promises a fierce display of strength and determination.

Lastly, the 120+kg weight class will see five impressive athletes vying for the top spot. Karim Bryan, second-place finisher in the Bench Press in 2022, aims to start the season strong. Sashane Tomlinson, Bruce Higgins, Clifton Lee, and Algreg Sappleton, all bringing their own unique abilities, will compete fiercely for the title. The current class record in the 120+kg weight class stands at 192.77kg/425 lbs. with a 79.73 GLP, held by Shaun Simpson.

The Grace Kennedy Money Services National Powerlifting Series Bench Press 2023 promises to be an enthralling event, showcasing the incredible strength, dedication, and resilience of Jamaica's powerlifters. Fans and powerlifting enthusiasts are invited to join the NPAJ on July 15th, 2023, at the Fit Farm Venue, starting at 10 am, to witness history in the making. For more information and updates, please visit the official NPAJ website and follow their social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Sami Depass, the reigning champion of the National Powerlifting Association of Jamaica (NPAJ), had been eagerly anticipating her first-ever appearance at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Open Powerlifting Championships.

Held in St. Julians, Malta, on June 16, 2023, this prestigious event brought together powerlifters from 65-member nations taking part and over 400 lifters, 37 referees, and 257 other officials, the largest and most diverse participation in any Open Classic World Championship ever.

Competing in the highly competitive female -76kg weight class, Depass faced formidable opponents from around the world. The category initially had 26 entries, but unfortunately, one lifter was unable to participate, reducing the number of contenders to 25.

Placed in Group B along with 16 other talented athletes and Group A consisting of 9 athletes, she approached the championship with determination and confidence. Having clinched the NPAJ 2021 and 2022 titles as well as the NAPF 76kg female championship in Panama 2022, she was no stranger to the thrill of victory.

However, the IPF World Classic Open Powerlifting Championships marked a new level of competition for her. With the support of her coach, Arian Khamesi, her teammate and her father, and the entire NPAJ community watching from all over the world, Depass embraced the intense training and preparation required for the tournament.

Her hard work and dedication paid off as she dominated her group, emerging as the top performer in Group B. Depass, a determined and dedicated powerlifter, stepped onto the stage for the Squat - 76kg Group B competition.

With unwavering focus, she pushed herself to new heights. As the competition unfolded, Sami's strength and skill were on full display. With her first attempt, she lifted an impressive 175kg/365 lbs., setting the tone for her performance.

Undeterred by the weight, she advanced to her second attempt, surpassing her previous lift by adding 10kg to the bar. The crowd erupted in applause as she successfully lifted 185kg/407 lbs. showcasing her exceptional power and technique.

Emboldened by her earlier triumphs, Depass prepared for her third and final attempt. She approached the bar, determination radiating from her every pore. With sheer determination and raw strength, she conquered the weight, hoisting an astonishing 195kg/429 lbs.

The arena was engulfed in thunderous cheers as Sami not only secured her victory but also set a new NPAJ National Record, etching her name in the annals of powerlifting history. Buoyed by her success in the squat event, Sami eagerly embraced the next challenge the Bench Press. Despite facing formidable opponents, her resolve remained unyielding.

She opened her campaign with a solid 100kg/220 lbs. bench press, setting the stage for her ascent. As the competition intensified, she gathered her strength and tackled her second attempt with conviction. The weight of 105kg/231 lbs. proved to be no match for her as she flawlessly executed the lift. The crowd watched in awe as she continued to shatter records and push her limits. With her final bench press attempt, Sami faced the bar loaded with an awe-inspiring 110kg/242 lbs.

 Summoning every ounce of strength within her, she powered through the resistance, conquering the weight and securing yet another triumph. The air buzzed with exhilaration as Sami not only clinched a remarkable third-place finish in her group but also achieved a new NPAJ National Record, further cementing her legacy.

Undeterred by her previous achievements, she embarked on the final leg of her journey, the Deadlift.

The intensity in her eyes matched the weight on the bar as she prepared for her first attempt. Without a hint of hesitation, Depass lifted an astounding 205kg/451 lbs. igniting the crowd's fervor before advancing to her second attempt.

Depass then a new personal best by deadlifting an astonishing 217.5kg/478.50 lbs. The audience marveled at her incredible display of power, knowing they were witnessing something truly extraordinary.

With her final lift of the day, Depass stood before the bar loaded with a mind-boggling 227.5kg/500.50 lbs. which she failed to lift in 2022.

The arena fell into hushed anticipation, fully aware of the historic feat that was about to unfold. In a moment that seemed to defy human capability, her muscles surged with energy, lifting the colossal weight with unparalleled prowess.

The crowd erupted in jubilant celebration as Sami claimed her victory in the group stage and secured a remarkable seventh-place finish overall in the standing. Her accomplishments did not end there, however.

Her awe-inspiring performance in the deadlift event also set a new NPAJ National Record, further solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of powerlifting.

With her remarkable performance, Sami was the winner of the 76kg Group B. Depass' achievement of a perfect 9 out of 9 lifts during the event and the subsequent medal she received are a testament to her hard work and talent in powerlifting.

She shattered three new NPAJ records, surpassing even her previous accomplishments. After the completion of Group A, Sami Depass secured the seventh position overall in the female -76kg weight class at her first event IPF World Classic.

Her exceptional performance at the IPF Open Classic World Championship in Malta solidified her status as a rising star in the world of powerlifting. Her achievements served as an inspiration to aspiring powerlifters in Jamaica and beyond.

The National Powerlifting Association of Jamaica proudly celebrated her success, recognizing her as a true representative of their organization and the embodiment of strength and resilience. The competition was fierce and the stakes were high.

Karlina Tongotea, hailing from New Zealand, emerged as the ultimate champion. She pushed herself to new heights. Tongotea shattered the world record in the squat, impressively lifting 225.5kg (496.10 lbs.). Her incredible performance continued with a bench press of 122.5kg (269.50 lbs.) and a deadlift of 245kg (539 lbs.). With a total of 593kg (1,304.60 lbs.), she dominated the competition, claiming the gold medal and the title of world champion. Her achievement was further acknowledged with an impressive GL Points score of 117.17.

Agata Sitko, representing Poland, proved to be a formidable competitor. Her strength and determination were evident as she showcased her skills. She achieved a squat of 197.5kg (434.50 lbs.) and a bench press of 240kg (528 lbs.), setting a new world junior record. Her exceptional performance continued with a total of 590.5kg (1,299.10 lbs.), another world junior record.

Her outstanding performance secured her the runner-up position and a well-deserved silver medal. Her GL Points stood at an impressive 116.71.

Jessica Buettner, from Canada, also displayed her exceptional powerlifting abilities. With a powerful squat of 220kg (484 lbs.) and a bench press of 107.5kg (236.50 lbs.), she showcased her strength and determination. Her deadlift of 240kg (528 lbs.) further solidified her position in the competition. With a total of 567.5kg (1,248.50 lbs.) and a commendable GL Points score of 112.34, she secured the third-place position on the podium, earning a bronze medal.

Scott Jennings, a formidable powerlifter hailing from Jamaica, embarked on his powerlifting journey when he joined The National Powerlifting Association of Jamaica Limited (NPAJ) on August 3, 2021.

With a relentless drive for success, Jennings quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the sport. As his journey progressed, Scott received the exciting news that he had qualified to compete in the highly anticipated International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Championship, to be held in Valletta, Malta.

Set to face thirty-five (35) other competitors in the fiercely competitive 83kg weight class, Scott eagerly prepared himself for the challenge ahead. Scott's breakthrough moment came in November 2021 at the NPAJ National Championship, where he showcased his incredible strength and technique.

With impressive SBD scores of 251.7kg/555 lbs. in the squat, 170.1kg/375 lbs. in the bench press, and 310.7kg/685 lbs. in the deadlift, he achieved a total of 732.5kg/ 1,615 lbs. with a 102.08 GLP.

His outstanding performance earned him the gold medal in the male 83kg category, as well as first place overall out of twenty (20) athletes. Continuing his streak of success, Scott was invited to compete as a guest lifter at the Powerlifting America Classic Open Nationals in April 2022.

Despite not being eligible for overall placement, he proved his dominance in the male 83kg category with remarkable SBD scores of 257.5kg/567.70 lbs. in the squat, 165kg/363.7 lbs. in the bench press, and 325kg/716.50 lbs. in the deadlift, totaling 747.5kg/1,647.90 with a 104.34 GLP.

Scott's outstanding performance earned him the gold medal, cementing his position as a force to be reckoned with among his weight class. His Score placed him in sixteenth (16) position out of forty-six (46) athletes who participated in the event. In August 2022, Scott faced his next challenge at the North America Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Regional Championships.

Determined to prove his skills on a larger stage, he competed against a formidable field of nine (9) athletes. With unwavering determination, Scott once again emerged victorious in the male 83kg category, achieving SBD scores of 247.5kg/545.60 lbs. in the squat, 172.5kg/380.30 lbs. in the bench press, and 312.5kg/688.90 lbs. in the deadlift, totaling 732.5kg/1,614.90 lbs. with a 101.78 GLP.

His exceptional performance garnered him the gold medal and an impressive third-place finish overall out of two hundred and sixteen (216) athletes.

Ending the year on a high note, Scott returned to the NPAJ National Championship in December 2022, ready to defend his title. With unparalleled strength and focus, he outperformed his competitors once again. Scott achieved remarkable SBD scores of 265.3kg/585 lbs. in the squat, 176.9kg/390 lbs. in the bench press, and 322kg/710 lbs. in the deadlift, totaling an impressive 764.3kg/1,685 lbs. with a 106.25 GLP.

His exceptional performance secured him the gold medal in the male 83kg category and first place overall out of twenty-four (24) athletes.

Now, in June 2023, the National Powerlifting Association of Jamaica Limited (NPAJ) proudly supports Scott Jennings as he journeys to Valletta, Malta, to compete in the prestigious International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Championships. Among thirty-five other fierce competitors in the 83kg weight class, Jennings aims to showcase the indomitable spirit and unwavering determination of Jamaican powerlifters. With the support of the NPAJ and the nation behind him, Jennings embodies the motto "One Team, One Dream, One Goal." Jamaica, known for its resilience and determination, stands tall and proud as Jennings represents the NPAJ and Jamaica on the world stage. As many Jamaicans would say “We likkle but we tallawah”.

Dr. Scott Jennings created history on Tuesday when he won the gold medal in the 83kg class at the 19th NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships in Panama City, Panama.

It was the first time a Jamaican athlete was winning a gold medal in powerlifting in an international competition.

Dr Jennings recorded a deadlift of 312.5kg and a total score of 732.5kg.


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