The United States Embassy in Jamaica sponsored the USA-based Humpy Dumpty Institute (HDI) that partnered with Fight for Peace and the Jamaica Boxing Association (JBA) to provide boxing training at three venues, namely Denham Town Community Centre, Portmore and Montego Bay between November 14 and 19.

The HDI brought along a trainer and two accomplished female boxers to demonstrate their skills and assist with the training sessions.

The first two-day session on Tuesday and Wednesday last week was held at the Denham Town Community Centre and was preceded by a short launch on Tuesday morning where the parties - the US Embassy, the HDI, Fight for Peace and the JBA highlighted the benefits to be derived from the sessions.

Acting Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy, Gabriel Hurst said, "The support that we have towards the programme is a clear example of our steadfast support to Jamaica's bright future. Our overall training objective is the development of a safer, stronger and more secure Jamaica. (I am) really looking forward to seeing the positive impact that it’s going to have."

Lennox Blackmoore of the HDI decided to bring the programme to Jamaica, "Because Jamaica has good athletes and so we decided to try Jamaica."

Blackmoore along with another trainer Timor Juhasz and the female boxers Ronica Jeffrey and Jenna Gaglioti began the training session with an intense exercise session with the group of aspiring male and female boxers who are part of the Fight for Peace Programme on the island. They were supported by a number of local trainers headed by accomplished local boxer Sakima Mullings.

 Blackmoore, a former British Commonwealth champion is from Guyana where he won his country’s lightweight and light middleweight titles during the 1970s. He now operates out of the Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, New York.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey was happy to share her knowledge with the young boxers. "We are here to teach the boys and the girls' defensive work and the skill of boxing. I think that boxing is such a great sport for young people. It directs them in a safe direction to relieve their anger or just to have something that can show them discipline."

For her part, Gaglioti believes that boxing “is a sport for your mental health, for your emotional health. It does have the kids stay off the streets, stay disciplined and that's what we want to teach the kids also."

Rasheed Evans who recently graduated from Mona High School welcomed the training sessions, adding that he likes the sport and plans to become a professional. "It has helped me to become a better person. It has helped me to motivate myself better. It has helped me to understand life and how it works," he said.

  Mark Cole, the programme coordinator for Fight for Peace and who also works in a number of inner-city communities, using boxing and martial arts to guide young people to make better life decisions, detailed some of the components of the training.

"We will be doing biographies of some of the great boxers, walking them through some basic boxing techniques as well as have some advanced boxers do some advanced training, and exposing them to the different boxing styles and what it takes to become a professional boxer."

He believes the presence of the two female boxers will help to empower aspiring female boxers to help them take the sport seriously.

According to Stephen 'Bomber' Jones, president of the Jamaica Boxing Board, the sessions will help increase awareness about the sport across the island.

 "We are grateful that this is happening. It's in line with what we have been pushing in terms of expanding the footprints of the sport. The boxing board is here to facilitate the programmes that we have in terms of what you see happening here through Fight for Peace.

“They are here to benefit from the two-day clinic and then we move to Fun Robics Gym in Portmore and then in Montego Bay where we have another national gym where Jasmine Graham will be leading the charge for the girls and boys there."

 This boxing program is the third to be implemented by HDI. The first was held in the Dominican Republic in 2022 and the second one was with female boxers in the Palestinian territories in February of this year.

They were all done with the support of the US Embassy.



The Jamaica Boxing Board (JBB) and J. Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum have partnered to stage an eight-month boxing series for amateur and professional boxers with the first bout on Saturday, July 1, 2023, at Cling Cling Oval in Kingston.

The program is designed to create a dynamic platform that enables elite amateur boxers to refine their skills in preparation for international competitions while simultaneously providing professional athletes an opportunity to launch and cultivate their careers in front of their home crowd.

Stephen Jones, President of the Jamaica Boxing Board (JBB) believes the initiative will help re-invigorate the sport in the country.

“By combining our shared vision and expertise, we are confident that this partnership will facilitate the growth and development of boxing in Jamaica, create exciting opportunities for our boxers and continue to positively impact the communities we serve,” Jones said.

“It is only natural to align ourselves with the company that not only helped kick-start this movement but also possesses the means, vision, and determination to actualize our goals of expanding the footprint of boxing both locally and worldwide.”

Meanwhile, J. Wray & Nephew Limited’s Marketing Manager Pavel Smith is elated that the partnership will provide an opportunity for Jamaicans to support the careers of local boxers.

 “Jamaica has a love affair with boxing and Wray & Nephew remains a bedrock in the advancement of the sport in Jamaica,” he said.

“This series gives our talented boxers more opportunities to increase their visibility and fight counts that will, in turn, make them contenders for larger global opportunities.”

The new boxing platform offers talented boxers more than just local recognition. It aims to empower participants to chart a course that leads them all the way to the prestigious world titles. In addition to showcasing boxing talent, the series will foster community cohesion as the fights will be held in communities on a rotational basis every six weeks.

The JBB’s overarching vision has always been to establish Jamaica as a hub for international boxing.

Jones explained that, “We firmly believe that once this endeavor takes flight and garners momentum, ProAm shows will become an enduring fixture in our annual calendar, further solidifying Jamaica's reputation as a global boxing destination.”

Jamaican-born IBC and two-time Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Donovan "Razor" Ruddock, has confirmed his readiness to face off against recently inducted Hall of Fame World Champion James "Lights Out" Toney. The highly anticipated boxing exhibition, titled "Rumble in the Sun," will take place on Saturday, November 11, 2023, in Kingston.

The event promises an action-packed night of bouts, accompanied by special surprises. A portion of the fight's proceeds will be allocated towards essential infrastructure enhancements at Ruddock's alma mater, the Good Hope Primary School in St. Catherine. Additionally, support and resources will be provided for the Jamaica Boxing Board's (JBB) Sport for Development initiative, "Gloves Over Guns."

Ruddock, at 59 years old, expressed his motivation for coming out of retirement, stating, "My whole reason for getting back into the ring is to assist my primary school and help the 'Gloves Over Guns' program eradicate violence. Jamaica needs assistance in fighting the crime monster."

Equally enthusiastic about the bout, Toney shared, "This boxing match will be fun! I am excited to return to the ring and dance with another heavyweight great, Donovan 'Razor' Ruddock."

Ruddock's daughters, Kleopatra and Karese, who are spearheading his philanthropic efforts and coordinating the exhibition, expressed their excitement for the event. Kleopatra, CEO of Red Ground Productions, the organizing banner, stated, "We are thrilled to bring this incredible event to Jamaica and use this platform to invest in the next generation."

Stephen Jones, president of JBB, welcomed the event, highlighting the positive impact it will have on young boxers: "Having them witness such an event will further cement in their minds boxing as a vehicle for the way forward."

Triller Sports will serve as the official global marketing and distribution partner for the event. The Triller ecosystem, known for its successful pay-per-view events, will bring new heights of engagement through digital collectibles and merchandise sales.

The exhibition represents the beginning of a new era, as Red Ground Productions combines the thrill of combat with the beauty and mystic energy of Jamaica.

Donovan "Razor" Ruddock and James "Lights Out" Toney have left indelible marks on the sport of boxing. Ruddock's devastating power and relentless style, along with Toney's outstanding defense and smooth counter-punching, have solidified their legacies as heavyweight legends.

This showdown between two boxing greats promises an unparalleled experience for fans worldwide and underscores their shared commitment to giving back and making a positive impact.

 The Jamaica Boxing Board and GC Foster College on Wednesday announced a partnership to develop and grow the sport of boxing on the island and the wider Caribbean. Under the partnership agreement, GC Foster, Jamaica’s only sports college, will become a hub for a national training programme as well as offer related coaching courses that will help raise the level of the sport.

Beyond that, GC Foster College will be the host of the Gloves over Guns initiative that aims to channel youth away from the negative influences of the community and onto a more progressive pathway. The Jamaica Boxing Board has already provided the college with equipment and a new ring is to be delivered in the near future to the tertiary institution will be afforded national gym status.

“I think we can expect to change the game for the sport of boxing not only in Jamaica but in the Caribbean.  GC Foster College speaks for itself.  What they do for the community and the country, aligning with an institution like that is only going to raise our game, raise our level in terms of the boxing that we have here, the coaches that we have access to, the officials that we have access to in terms of recruiting and have a hub which we can train from a national programme, which we can invite international bodies to come and do courses here and to have it elevate our sport on that level,” said boxing board president Stephen ‘Bomber’ Jones.

“Then the fact that GC Foster has agreed to be the hub for Gloves Over Guns in Spanish Town where we can do the sport for development and deal with the boys and girls here, have them a part of the invitationals and have them a part of the mentorship programme I think is going to go a long way so we are very, very excited.”

Principal of GC Foster Maurice Wilson said he is looking forward to the opportunities that will be afforded to the youth in the parish.

“I am extremely excited for the community of GC Foster College and its environs – Spanish Town and indeed St. Catherine.  I think this was a venture long in waiting.  I do believe the benefits are going to supersede the time that we waited,” said Wilson.

“We have seen where boxing would have changed the lives of so many youngsters. Sonny Liston, who had numerous problems with the law, became heavyweight champion and it helped him somewhat. Mike Tyson, Cassius Clay later Mohamed Ali, who really stood up against certain things, however, they thought that he was breaking the law but boxing was able to guide him along a particular pathway.

“We are cognizant of some of the factors facing youngsters in Jamaica.  We are sure that with the collaboration of the boxing board we will be able to give the youngsters greater opportunities, we will give them options in terms of career, becoming a professional boxer, we will engage them in their extra-curricular activities that are done in a more purposeful way and the fact that the boxing board is providing relevant and current equipment will make it even so much easier."

The GC Foster principal says he expects nothing but success from the partnership.

 “We also believe that if there is any institution in Jamaica, that can provide the proper base, the proper support, that institution would be GC Foster.  So we are extremely happy about the collaboration.  GC Foster will benefit.  Jamaica will benefit.  The youngsters in this country will benefit and overall the economy can benefit because as you know professional boxers that do well make a lot of money.”

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