In a groundbreaking move for Jamaican karate, Danielle Chang is set to represent the nation at the World Karate Federation (WKF) Guardian Girls Instructor Training Course in Madrid, Spain. Departing on Monday, Chang expressed gratitude to the World Karate Federation, President Antonio Espinos, and the Jamaica Olympic Association for providing this extraordinary opportunity.

Jamaica Karate, under the leadership of President Tony Robinson, views the WKF Guardian Girls program as a crucial step in addressing gender-based violence and fostering the development of a women's program set to launch in 2024. With a commitment to maximizing the positive impact of karate on the lives of young girls and women, the federation is working towards immediate and ambitious goals.

Danielle Chang, with over 20 years of experience in karate, has been collaborating with international athlete Valentyna Zolotarova and esteemed karate instructor Nicole Hazle to shape the initiative's objectives. The program aims to contribute to female empowerment, leadership, safety, and confidence while boosting female participation in karate across Jamaica.


Chang, expressing her enthusiasm about the upcoming training, shared, "This is a great opportunity for me to improve my knowledge and skills in self-defense, which I will teach to young girls in Jamaica to improve gender equality and women empowerment to defend themselves and improve their confidence and self-esteem."

Being one of only 15 individuals worldwide selected for this prestigious course, Chang sees herself among the top trainers globally. She is eager to learn from them, the World Karate Federation, and plans to share her knowledge not only with other instructors but also with karate students and individuals seeking to learn the art.

Highlighting the significance of the WKF-accredited karate style to the Olympics and major global competitions, Chang emphasized that the initiative would not only enhance Jamaicans' self-esteem and self-defense awareness but also create more opportunities, especially for young girls, to qualify, especially for the Olympics and other prestigious international events.

Chang, embodying the spirit of unity and progress in Jamaican karate, pledged to bring back her newfound knowledge and contribute to the collective efforts in supporting female leadership and safety, making karate an empowering force for women in Jamaica. The training in Madrid marks a pivotal moment for the development of karate on the island, setting the stage for a brighter future in the sport.


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