The Guyana Cricket Board has followed up on its threat to take legal action against Cricket West Indies over the election of Azim Bassarath as its vice-president.

Bassarath who is president of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board, was elected to the post at the annual general meeting of Cricket West Indies in March of 2023.

The GCB had nominated Bassarath but subsequently withdrew its nomination in writing before the elections were held, but after the nomination period had closed.

At the elections, the GCB’s representatives restated the Board’s withdrawal of the nomination and according to a release, objected to CWI’s decision to proceed with the election of Bassarath even though the nomination was withdrawn.

The GCB said the decision to withdraw its nomination of Bassarath was taken after the Guyana Board, received certain information, just prior to the CWI elections, that included serious allegations of misconduct at the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board.

Since the March elections, the GCB had repeatedly addressed the matter of Bassarath’s election with CWI.

The release said, “two letters were written to CWI president, Dr Kishore Shallow, requesting the legal basis upon which Bassarath was elected. There was no response to these letters.”

A meeting was convened by Dr. Shallow and other CWI representatives on July 05, 2023, but the matter remained unresolved.

Dr. Shallow stated that he had received legal opinion that the subject election was properly conducted and that he would submit that opinion, and the names of the lawyers who gave it, to the GCB and the other stakeholders.

This was never done, claimed the GCB.

The GBC release further stated: “The GCB, as a shareholder/full member of CWI, has a moral and legal duty to institute, promote and support the high standards and ideals of West Indies cricket and to ensure that there is full and unwavering compliance with the Articles of Association of CWI and that all elections held by CWI are conducted in accordance with the law especially now that with the emergence of the stated allegations.”


Cricket West Indies (CWI) is announcing the appointment of three women to its Board of Directors, marking a historic milestone for gender diversity and inclusion within the organization.

Ms. Diann Campbell and Mrs. Louise Victor-Frederick join as new appointees, while Mrs. Debra Coryat-Patton returns to the board.

Ms. Diann Campbell, a distinguished Jamaican cricket administrator with nearly three decades of experience, holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in Politics. Her expertise in cricket administration, corporate governance, and organizational development will greatly benefit CWI's strategic initiatives.

Mrs. Louise Victor-Frederick, a seasoned branding and communications strategist from St. Lucia, brings a wealth of experience to the board. With a Master’s degree in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management, along with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Mrs. Victor has made significant contributions to the corporate landscape of St. Lucia. She also serves as a Director of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture.

Returning to the Board of Directors is Mrs. Debra Coryat-Patton, an accomplished Attorney-at-Law from Trinidad & Tobago. Mrs. Coryat-Patton specializes in Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Diplomatic Protocol, bringing invaluable legal expertise to the board. She is also a Chartered Director and Chartered Corporate Secretary, reflecting her commitment to governance excellence.

In addition to these appointments, Mr. Hallam Nichols has been reappointed as an Independent Director, further enhancing the board's collective expertise and vision. Mr. Nichols is a prominent Barbadian entrepreneur. He served on the CWI Stakeholders Relations Committee.

Dr. Kishore Shallow, President of Cricket West Indies, expressed his enthusiasm for the new appointments, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Campbell and Mrs. Victor-Frederick as new appointees, and we warmly welcome back Mrs. Coryat-Patton and Mr. Nichols to the CWI Board of Directors. Their diverse backgrounds, extensive experience, and unwavering commitment to excellence will undoubtedly strengthen our organization and contribute to the advancement of cricket in the West Indies."

Regarding diversity on the board, President Shallow emphasized, "Since the beginning, I've advocated for diversity within CWI to ensure fairness both on and off the field. This appointment is a natural progression of our ongoing commitment."

President Shallow also thanked the outgoing Independent Directors saying "My profound gratitude to both Manniram Prashad and Gail Mathurin for their service as independent directors. They have certainly made meaningful contributions to West Indies Cricket, and we anticipate their continued involvement and impact in other capacities".

With these appointments, CWI reaffirms its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, setting a new standard for cricket governance in the region. All four appointments are for a one-year period ending March 2025.

Ramesh Subasinghe has been tasked with leading the West Indies Men’s Academy into a new era of performance and growth, as he was recently appointed Head coach by Cricket West Indies.

CWI in a release on Friday said Subasinghe's appointment, marks a pivotal step in advancing the organisation's commitment to excellence in cricket development. The former Sri Lankan first-class cricketer was selected following an extensive and meticulous process.

Subasinghe, previously served as Head Coach of the New Zealand Cricket Men’s Development Programme, and the Otago Cricket Associations Pathways Head Coach and Talent Development Manager. He holds an ICC Global Level Three coaching qualification and is a qualified Coach Development with New Zealand Cricket.

Besides his qualifications, Subasinghe has exhibited significant expertise in critical areas including developing and implementing high-performance systems, technical remediations and sports bio-mechanics, team and individual holistic skills development, injury prevention and bowling loads management.

The recruitment process for the Head Coach of the West Indies Men’s Academy attracted significant global interest, as there were 53 applicants for the position. Through a stringent vetting process, 12 candidates were shortlisted, representing diverse cricketing backgrounds and expertise. Ultimately, six individuals hailing from Guyana, Jamaica, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Sri Lanka were identified as finalists, reflecting CWI's dedication to inclusivity and global talent scouting.

Enoch Lewis, CWI Board Director and Chair of Cricket Development & Performance Committee, Miles Bascombe, Director of Cricket, Graeme West, High-Performance Manager and Oneka Martin-Bird, HR Manager, were all part of the selection process and all contributed to a comprehensive assessment of each candidate's qualifications, experience, and vision for cricket development in our region.

Reflecting on the selection process, Bascombe said the unanimous decision of the interview panel, endorsed by the Board of Directors and HR Committee, underscores Subasinghe's exceptional qualifications and suitability for the role of Head Coach of the WI Men’s Academy.

"It was a rigorous and transparent exercise, ensuring that only the most qualified and capable candidates were considered for this position. We were given a clear mandate to choose the best talent at our disposal and we’re confident the most suitable candidate was identified," Bascombe said.

"We are continuously striving to elevate standards at CWI, and I am confident that Ramesh Subasinghe embodies the expertise and leadership necessary to drive our cricket development initiatives forward," he added.

Subasinghe pointed out that he is looking forward to the task.

“Joining CWI presents an incredible opportunity for me to contribute to the organisation's new strategic vision and build on their existing High-Performance programmes, working with their best young cricketers. I look forward to collaborating with the exciting natural talent and the passionate cricketing communities in the West Indies," he noted.

Subasinghe's appointment represents a significant investment in the future of West Indian cricket, as he brings a wealth of technical knowledge, strategic insight, and a passion for player development to the role. His leadership will be instrumental in shaping the next generation of cricketing talent in the region. Subasinghe will officially start on May 1, and will be based full-time at the CWI Headquarters at Coolidge Cricket Ground in Antigua.

Cricket West Indies (CWI) is set to unveil its new four-year strategic plan for 2024-2027, titled "The Long Run". Recently presented to the Board of Directors during a board meeting in Antigua and discussed with shareholders at the Annual General Meeting, this strategic blueprint marks a pivotal juncture for the organization and West Indies cricket.

Reflecting on 2023 as a year of recovery and describing it as crucial in laying the groundwork for this ambitious plan, CWI Chief Executive Officer, Johnny Grave, provided insight stating, "We are excited to present “The Long Run”, our strategic roadmap for the next four years. This plan sets a clear and ambitious path for CWI, focusing on strengthening our cricket system at all levels and maximizing our commercial value on the foundation of stable finances." 

Grave underscored the importance of stakeholder involvement in shaping the organization's future direction. "Having presented the strategic plan to our Board of Directors and shareholders, we are now preparing to circulate it for wider discourse. It is essential that our stakeholders not only understand but also actively engage with the strategic plan as we move forward into another four-year cycle." 

“The Long Run” will outline key objectives and initiatives aimed at fostering growth, sustainability, and excellence in cricket. It will encompass measures to enhance governance, player development, grassroots programs, fan engagement, and commercial partnerships, aligning with CWI's overarching vision to elevate West Indies cricket in the region and on the global stage. 

The strategic plan, developed internally, represents a collaborative effort by the CWI management team. It includes extensive consultations and valuable insights from staff and players. Business Planning Manager Lynford Inverary led the process, with input from the wider cricket stakeholders’ group. 

The Long Run – a strategic plan for elevating West Indies Cricket 2024-27 

Six Strategic Pillars:

· Cricket:

-Elite & High-Performance

-Cricket Development & Participation

-Facilities & Infrastructure

·Finance & Fans:

-Commercial & Financial

-Fan Engagement & Global Visibility



Cricket West Indies (CWI) president Dr. Kishore Shallow lauded the collective strides made by the regional cricket body over the 2022-2023 period, and also expressed delight about the prospects to come from the upcoming ICC Men's Twenty20 (T20) World Cup.

Shallows comments followed the unveiling of CWI's Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements for the fiscal year 2022-2023, after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Antigua on Saturday, March 23.  CWI recorded revenues of US$62.3 million and net income of US$14.25 million for the year ending September 30, 2023.

“As we look back on the past year, I applaud the tremendous progress we have achieved together. The credit is yours, as through our unified efforts, we have made much progress. I am equally confident that our journey promises even greater rewards if we maintain this path," Shallow said.

He also expressed enthusiasm about the T20 World Cup, which will be jointly hosted in the Caribbean and United States, as he highlighted its potential economic impact of over US$300 million for the Caribbean.

“The excitement around hosting the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 resonates with us at Cricket West Indies. This is a remarkable opportunity for the Caribbean. CWI stands ready and well-positioned to make the region and cricket world proud of a magnificent spectacle in June," Shallow added.

Reflecting on the financial year in review, Chief Financial Officer, Kebra Nanton acknowledged the continued strengthening of CWI’s financial position.

"We are delighted to announce further significant improvements in our financial standing as we continue the transformational change in our organisation. Having successfully reversed the deficit of over US$2 million, which was over US$23 million in 2021, we now record a surplus of US$12 million.

Furthermore, our forecast for the end of 2024 anticipates our surplus exceeding US$20 million. This achievement lays a solid foundation for our sustainability over the next four years. By fortifying our financial position through increased retained earnings, we have bolstered our ability to navigate future challenges," Nanton declared.

CWI’s financials underwent rigorous auditing by Grant Thornton, Antigua.

The interactive Annual Report also includes sections on Cricket, Fan Engagement, and an Honours List showcasing accomplishments over the year.

In a move that celebrates both his sporting prowess and his national pride, Guyanese cricket sensation Shamar Joseph has been appointed as a Tourism Ambassador for his homeland of Guyana. The announcement, made by the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), comes as Joseph's star continues to rise following his remarkable performance against Australia in January, where he played a pivotal role in the West Indies' historic Test victory.

Joseph, hailing from Baracara, Berbice, has captured the hearts of cricket fans worldwide with his record-breaking spell of seven wickets for 68 runs in the crucial test match against Australia not only secured a thrilling win for the West Indies but also marked a significant milestone in his burgeoning career.

"Shamar Joseph's outstanding achievements on the cricket field have not only brought glory to the West Indies but have also shone a spotlight on the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Guyana," the  GTA said in a statement. "As a Tourism Ambassador, we believe he will play a vital role in promoting our country's attractions and welcoming visitors from around the globe."

Joseph's heroics against Australia, including his remarkable eight-wicket haul in the second Test match, have earned him widespread acclaim within the cricketing fraternity. His final wicket to clinch the historic victory was met with jubilation from fans and commentators alike, with renowned cricketing commentator Ian Bishop hailing it as "a real dream come true for 'Joseph the Deliverer', for the West Indies."

In addition to his on-field achievements, Joseph's off-field contributions have not gone unnoticed. Cricket West Indies recently awarded him an international retainer contract in recognition of his stellar performances against Australia. Furthermore, he made history by becoming the first-ever West Indies player to receive the ICC Men's Player of the Month award for January 2024, solidifying his status as a cricketing icon.

Cricket West Indies (CWI) commends the proactive efforts undertaken by the Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis to bolster cricket infrastructure within the region. President Dr. Kishore Shallow commended the efforts by the Government and the St. Kitts Cricket Association to develop Conaree Cricket Ground, marking a considerable step towards enhancing regional cricket facilities and fostering the sport's growth.

President Shallow echoed the importance of governments investing in cricket infrastructure, stating, "Cricket West Indies is impressed with the developments and prospects of Conaree Cricket Ground, which has enabled Saint Kitts & Nevis to host regional matches and tournaments. It is imperative that governments recognize the significance of infrastructure in the development of cricket and the broader sporting community. Minister Duggins' efforts ought to be commended for his efforts in this regard."

The development of facilities and hosting of regional cricket align seamlessly with the vision outlined by Minister of Sports, Hon. Samal Duggins, who emphasized the importance of sports development as a cornerstone of the nation's youth empowerment agenda. Minister Duggins highlighted cricket's significance in the region and the promising opportunities it presents for the youth of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

"At the heart of our nation's vision for youth empowerment and sporting excellence lies a profound commitment to sports development. Sports development stands as a key aspect of the Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis' Sustainable Island State agenda, offering invaluable avenues for our youth to progress in personal development, bolstering their self-esteem, fostering international exposure, and honing essential team-building skills among other essential life skills. With cricket being one of the leading sports in our region, the increasing opportunity within this sport holds immense promise for our young people. The introduction of these tournaments signals a gateway to deeper collaboration and partnership between CWI and Saint Kitts and Nevis," Minister Duggins remarked.

CWI looks forward to working closely with the Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis in realizing the shared vision of enhancing cricket facilities and promoting the sport's development across the region. 

President Shallow further reiterated Cricket West Indies' commitment to collaborating with Saint Kitts and Nevis to elevate the standard of cricket facilities and nurture the development of players within the nation.

"We are dedicated to fostering a strong partnership with Saint Kitts and Nevis, not only to enhance the infrastructure for cricket but also to support the development of talented players. Cricket West Indies will continue to work closely with Leeward Islands Cricket Board and the two national cricket bodies in the twin-island federation to further improve the standard of facilities and provide the necessary resources for the development of their players," President Shallow affirmed.

So far this year, Saint Kitts and Nevis has hosted the West Indies Championship (the Men's first-class tournament) and the ongoing CG United Women’s Super50 Cup. The women will follow the Super 50 Cup with the CWI T20 Blaze. Saint Kitts and Nevis is also home to the CPL franchise, St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots.


Cricket West Indies president, Dr Kishore Shallow believes they have made significant strides in raising the profile of the women’s game over the past year, as he reaffirmed the regional body's commitment to achieve pay parity by 2027.

Shallow, in a message to mark International Women’s Day on Friday, pointed to the changes in travel for overseas tours, single room accommodation and the launch of a Women’s Cricket Academy in Antigua as measures implemented to bring the women’s game on par with their male counterparts.

“On this International Women’s Day, Cricket West Indies proudly celebrates the remarkable progress we’ve achieved in championing gender equality and empowerment within our cricketing community. Since assuming office, we have embarked on a transformative journey of inclusivity, recognizing and valuing the exceptional contributions of our female athletes," Shallow said.