SportsMax CEO, Oliver McIntosh, is confident the regional cable broadcast giants are well prepared for the coming blitz of live content, as the sporting world slowly returns to a ‘new normal’ in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The spread of the contagious and deadly disease saw sporting events, and many aspects of everyday life in general, grind to a halt over the past three months.  However, major sports gradually begin to emerge from hiatus broadcasters like SportsMax are once again in the loop and sports fans everywhere can look forward to seeing their favourite teams back on tv.

With most of these sports now being played closed behind closed doors, for safety reasons,  the television platforms will be the only way, at the least in the immediate future, that fans will be allowed to tune in. 

With the sports and leagues also well behind their original schedules many will resort to a packed fixture schedule between now and the end of the season.

“It’s really coming, to use a cliché, fast and furious…the interesting thing about the next couple of weeks is that a lot of these leagues and competitions are coming back in a restructured format.  La Liga, which is typically played between Friday and Monday with most of the matches on Saturday and Sunday.  Because of the truncated schedule and trying to get everything done in time to start next season, you are going to see a lot of compressed programming,” McIntosh said in a recent interview.

“We are going from a situation where we had no sports for two and a half to three months, to basically sports almost every single day,” he added.

In a bid to cope with demands, the broadcasters will temporarily halt the practice of confining certain sports to certain channels and also add channels to the newly launched SportsMax app, where viewers will be able to still see their content in case of scheduling conflicts.

“In the past, we have tended to broadcast certain sports on one or two of our channels.  So football would be on SportsMax 2 and basketball on SportsMax 1 but because of this flood of content what we will do is ensure that we carry all the matches live and our audience is able to see it…you will also see the addition of channels on our SportsMax app that you can download in cases where there are conflicts.”

In addition to La Liga, SportsMax will also welcome the return of the NBA and later the CPL.  The returning English Premier League (EPL) will be available on the Rush channel and SportsMax app.


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