William Wallace has questions to answer

By Goerge Sylvester Davis June 10, 2020

At the time of publishing, it has been 60 programme hours since the SportsMax Zone asked questions of the duly elected President of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, TTFA, William Wallace.

The questions I believe are fair.

Let me say that this programme holds no malice towards William Wallace and his team. In our dealings with him, we have found Wallace to be an honest man. His general secretary, Ramesh Ramdan is a man I have tremendous respect for. I accept Keith Look Loy to be a straight-shooting hombre, constantly seeking after justice. Which is why we are a tad perturbed by the taciturn approach being taken by those men towards the issue of Terry Fenwick’s contract as senior men’s head coach. To date the SportsMax Zone has revealed discrepancies between 1) the details of the Fenwick contract discussed and agreed with the 16 member board of the TTFA  and 2) the actual agreement signed by Fenwick.

Our investigations show that the board gave approval for Fenwick to be paid US$17,500 per month. However, the contract he signed pays him a salary of US$20,000 per month. We obtained a breakdown of Fenwick’s contract and it shows that after taxes he goes home with about US$27,000. Now the matter of the terms and conditions of Fenwick’s contract was raised at a meeting of the board of directors of the TTFA, held at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on January 15 this year. According to section 4.20 of the minutes (sic),

“Mr Sancho asked whether the agreement for the head coach of the senior team would change from what was sent. The chairman asked for the terms and conditions that was received. Mr Sancho read out the terms and conditions and the Chairman confirmed that it would remain the same. Mr Fraser indicated that they needed to be mindful to keep the salary figures the same.”

So having tried for a second programme day (on Tuesday) to get William Wallace on the show, without success, the SportsMax Zone is putting four questions in writing and inviting answers from the TTFA boss. So, where the engagement of the services of Terry Fenwick as national senior men’s head coach is concerned:

What was the proposed monthly salary in the Terry Fenwick contract discussed at board level?

  1. What was the monthly salary in the contract that Terry Fenwick signed?
  2. If the monthly salary figures are different, did the board approve the figure that Fenwick actually signed to?
  3. If not the board, who authorised the monthly salary figure that Fenwick signed to in his contract?

The questions are not for a moment to be deemed frivolous. We have evidence that suggests the board did not approve the amount Fenwick is being paid as senior men’s head coach. But rather than cast judgement on the motives of William Wallace and company, we are giving him/them a chance to explain. So why is the SportsMax Zone keen for an explanation? The issue is this. Wallace campaigned on a platform of transparency. At the time he was running for office  Wallace said that if he won the race, the TTFA would speak with one voice. He promised that every decision taken would be a board decision; not the act of a President on a frolic of his own. William Wallace vowed never to play the role of the Lone Ranger. Put him in charge he said and the days of the one-man band, playing all alone, would be over. Asked a pointed question about the modus operandi of the man who he would go on to unseat, Wallace said simply that he would never, ever operate like David John Williams.

So the reason for my inquiry, on behalf of the SportsMax Zone is simple. I just want to know whether the words of T&T’s Braveheart in his push for office, matched his deeds in the few months he enjoyed power. Selah.

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