Hailing the half-lap heroes: A tribute to the Caribbean's top 200m specialist

By Sports Desk April 09, 2020

Everyone loves the 100m.  It does, after all, bestow the title of the world’s fastest man or woman.

  There is something special about the half-lap though.  Only true track fans know that feeling of jumping from your seats when speeding athletes hit the top of that bend. 

The Caribbean region has undoubtedly produced some of the very best gladiators over the distance.  Today we pay tribute to 10 of the region’s finest half-lap heroes, of course, with the usual twist.  The ten top athletes have been put into teams of five.  Who do you think would win in a showdown between A and B in the prime of their careers?

* Indicates our pick for relay alternates.  There are only four legs after all.