Alfa Factor signs two-year deal with Jamaica Gymnastics

By May 22, 2019
Members of Jamaica's Junior Development gymnastics team wearing their leotards provided by Alfa Factor. Members of Jamaica's Junior Development gymnastics team wearing their leotards provided by Alfa Factor.

Jamaica’s gymnastics association has signed a deal with an American apparel manufacturer Alfa Factor that will see the company provide Jamaican gymnasts with gear and cash over a period of two years.

President of Jamaica’s gymnastics association, Nicole Grant made the announcement during a press briefing at the headquarters of the Jamaica Olympics Association (JOA) in Kingston on Sunday, May 19.

The deal signed on April 14, sees Alfa Factor providing gear to Jamaica to outfit the national seniors – male and female, the junior elite national team as well as a significant discount on gear for the Future Development team. Alfa Factor will also provide the Jamaica Gymnastics Association soon to be renamed the National Gymnastics Federation, with US$10,000 as support for teams travelling to competitions.

Alfa Factor also provides gear for several national teams for the Olympics like the USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, Venezuela, Russia and Wales. They also supply a number of US collegiate teams.

Tighe King, Founder and President of Perform Group LLC of York, Pennsylvania, owners of the Alfa Factor brand, said his company was honoured to be in partnership with Jamaica.

“Over the past 40 years we have adopted some of the greatest gymnasts in the Olympics ever and we are very proud for our team to join your effort. In any sport, it is all about consistency, discipline. It is all about perseverance. It is about all those things that allow us ultimately to achieve our goals,” King said.

“I know your athletes are very committed and very dedicated to doing the best job they possibly can and we are proud to have this opportunity to be part of that.

“If you feel like you look good you will probably perform better.”

Leighton Levy

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