‘Older’ more mature Samuels learning to keep his cool

By Sports Desk February 16, 2020
Jamaica basketballer Samardo Samuels. Jamaica basketballer Samardo Samuels.

Jamaica basketballer Samardo Samuels has admitted to making mistakes in the past but insists he is older and wiser as he looks to continue a successful career in Europe.

The 31-year-old former Cleveland Cavalier player has had a checked career, with many well-noted instances where he was accused of being disruptive and indiscipline.  Since the 2013 season, the player has had short stints with at least 10 international clubs, some of which saw his contract terminated under acrimonious circumstances.

 In 2017 for instance, after signing with Serbian club Partizan, he was suspended just one month later.  Samuels was suspended by the club for the violation of its discipline policy and the provisions of his contract, the day after Partizan lost in a EuroCup game against Alba Berlin. 

The suspension was a result of his public criticism of the club, head coach Miroslav Nikolić and other inappropriate remarks toward a female reporter.

“Definitely, we’re human, we make errors. The older you get, the more you understand your errors and possibly more circumstances where I could have been less vocal and simpler, in social media platforms and everywhere,” Samuels said in a recent interview.

“I could have remained in training of course, be peaceful, but that’s something you find out with age. Now I’m much better at 31, I’m a much better guy. I still have this experience having fun for fantastic clubs and coaches,” he added.

“People constantly bear in mind the negative points. I think about the game and the fans that like  to see me play, like the Greek All-StarGame for instance, it’s a true blessing.”


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