Coronavirus: 'No bad ideas' as Greenberg and NRL explore radical plans to relaunch season

By Sports Desk April 03, 2020

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg insisted there are "no bad ideas" as the league explores radical plans to relaunch the coronavirus-hit season.

The NRL postponed the 2020 campaign through just two rounds on March 23 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has halted sport across the globe.

Financial concerns have emerged for both clubs and players, prompting the NRL to deliver a 40 million Australian dollars rescue package to all 16 teams.

The NRL and Rugby League Players' Association (RLPA) also reached an agreement on a revised pay deal for players on Thursday, ensuring two months' worth of wages and payments.

Now, the NRL is determined to get the competition back underway as soon as it is safe to do so and all ideas are on the table, according to CEO Greenberg.

"The concept is as simple as trying to find innovative ways to get the game back. And whether that's putting players in secure environments, or restructuring how the competition looks and feels, we're open to all suggestions," Greenberg told Fox Sports on Friday.

"At the moment there are no bad ideas. We're going to model a number of those scenarios to put to the commission at the back end of April and we're going to push really hard.

"Obviously there are some things out of our control. We don't have a line of sight yet on what the government restrictions will look like or border controls on our teams in both Queensland and New Zealand, but what we don't want to do is not be ready."

Greenberg's position has come in for criticism amid the pandemic, with his management and financial model in the spotlight.

But Greenberg said: "It doesn't feel like [I'm a dead man walking], it feels like I'm working a lot of hours. I've got to say we've had great support from our [Australian Rugby League Commission] chairman Peter V'landys and the entire commission.

"We feel very supported and I think I'm encouraged by the fact that there’s been so much support to try to drive the game forward. Of course there's going to be criticism. I'm a realist, I take that criticism primarily in the title and in the role that comes with the game.

"That criticism will continue to come. I see that as part of the rugby league landscape that any senior administrator or leader in a role like mine has to take that. I think the primary criticism is around the game's distribution model and cost base sustainable for the future. I think that's a question that we have to answer."

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    Doolittle also said he is still debating about playing this season amid health and safety concerns. Earlier on Sunday, Atlanta Braves pitcher Felix Hernandez announced he is going to sit out this season after Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher David Price decided he would sit out on Saturday. 

    Another point of frustration for the 33-year-old Doolittle is that he still has not received his COVID-19 results from Friday even though MLB claimed testing would have a 24-hour turnaround time. He also said National players have not been given respirator masks they were told they would receive. 

    In mid-May, Doolittle posted a long Twitter thread presenting a number of questions about health protections for players, families, staff and stadium workers. He also provided links to articles that further examined the topics he was addressing. 

    The eight-year major-league veteran has appeared in 390 games for the Nationals and Oakland Athletics, striking out 457 batters over 388 innings. He was instrumental to the Nationals' World Series championship run last season, posting a 1.74 ERA over nine playoff appearances.

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