Calypso Girls need to play world-class teams - coach

By October 05, 2018
TT head coach Wesley Gomes and  Calypso Girls team captain Rhonda John-Davis TT head coach Wesley Gomes and Calypso Girls team captain Rhonda John-Davis

Improved rankings and getting his players exposed to higher standards of play are among the objectives set out by head coach Wesley Gomes when Trinidad and Tobago take on Jamaica in the first of two matches this weekend.

It is all part of the plan to get the 2018 AFNA champions back among the elite teams in world netball.

However, to be the best, you have to play against and eventually beat the best and that is where Jamaica comes in.

“We need to play world class teams and so far Jamaica has been the only team graceful enough to accept Trinidad and Tobago, everybody else wants to play friendlies,” Gomes told SportsMax.TV on Friday, two days before his team takes on the world number four at the National Indoor Sports Complex in Kingston.

“If T&T gets better Jamaica will get better so we are so thankful that they accepted to play us now at this time.”

Gomes will be hoping that his team can do the improbable and get their first win over Jamaica since 1979, but in truth, he has equally important objectives in mind.

“I was looking at the rankings, which are important for qualifying for Commonwealth Games. I am looking to expose the younger players, the U21s, to world-class netball. Yes, they have played in the AFNA but AFNA is not a Jamaica,” he said.

“So they will see where they are. They will see – in the absence of a professional league in the Caribbean – that they need to get seen by the Australian teams, the English teams and the New Zealand teams and get out there.

“They will see how much they have to grow to be able to compete at the world class competition.”

That said, Gomes feels his team is getting closer to the top teams. How close?

“We are one tournament away, the one next year and the following one.”

Leighton Levy

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