Hamilton sounded off a little bit - Ecclestone sure he'll clear the air with F1 champ

By Sports Desk June 28, 2020

Bernie Ecclestone is sure he will clear the air with Lewis Hamilton over controversial remarks made by Formula One's ex-supremo, even if he felt the world champion "sounded off a little bit maybe without thinking".

Hamilton called out comments made by Ecclestone in a CNN interview this week in which he suggested there were "lots of cases" where black people were more racist than white people, and said in F1 he doubted whether there was "any concern" about the issue as a whole.

F1 issued a statement condemning the remarks, which were branded "ignorant and uneducated" by Hamilton.

Ecclestone later attempted to clarify his comments to The Mail on Sunday, saying "I was not against anyone who was black" and "it's not my fault I'm white".

In an interview with GPFans.com, Ecclestone was asked if he had any regrets over the remarks to CNN, to which he replied: "The only real regret, I suppose, is that I didn't make myself clearer about some black people also being racist.

"There's no doubt about it they've probably good reason to be. I don't know why black people are singled out at times. There's a reason for it and I don't know what it is.

"The remark I made, I'm sorry it wasn't taken in the way I was meaning it to be taken."

Ecclestone is sure he will speak with Hamilton again, adding: "I'm sure we will. I'm absolutely sure we will.

"He sort of sounded off a little bit maybe without thinking, and he might have been in a mood where he thought he ought to say something."

Hamilton has set up a commission to increase diversity in motorsport, while F1 announced on Thursday the details of a new task force and foundation with the same aim.

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    Perez was told prior to the Tuscan Grand Prix this month that he had lost his seat for the 2021 Formula One season, when Sebastian Vettel will replace him.

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    However, Perez on Friday revealed all is well between the two parties following discussions in Russia.

    He posted on Twitter: "I have known this team for seven years and they are like family. I have spoken to the team and they accept my explanation.

    "There's no way after seven years we can finish in bad terms, the air is totally cleared.

    "And we all move forwards now. We all want the same thing: to score as many points and be successful in our remaining races together.

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    Daniel Ricciardo admits to feeling envious of Lewis Hamilton as the Mercedes driver closes in on another Formula One milestone. 

    Should he triumph at the Russian Grand Prix this weekend, Hamilton will move level with the legendary Michael Schumacher on 91 wins in F1. 

    The 35-year-old Briton has topped the podium in six of the nine races in 2020 and has a strong record in Sochi, where he has been victorious four times in his career. 

    Asked about the impending landmark for Hamilton ahead of the Russian Grand Prix, Renault DP World F1 Team driver Ricciardo told Stats Perform News: "Yeah, it's huge. 

    "My generation, growing up as a kid, it's Schumacher. Everyone knew that surname… whether you knew Formula One or you didn't. It was always Schumacher. 

    "And for Lewis to now be on the verge of eclipsing that, it's huge. It's a lot of wins… what can I say, it's a massive achievement. I envy it, but also I take my hat off to him." 

    Hamilton also looks set to match another Schumacher record by winning a seventh F1 title this season. 

    He holds a 55-point advantage over Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who Ricciardo thinks is best placed to stop Hamilton but is still unlikely to do so. 

    "Nothing is obviously guaranteed, there's still a lot that can happen in the sport, but the truth is, he's racing against one other guy this year," said Ricciardo. 

    "And that's not being critical, but the Mercedes is so dominant. But it's really Valtteri, he’s the only guy that can stop him. And it's not the first year that Lewis has shown he's able to come out on top with Valtteri. 

    "I think Valtteri has shown speed, he does have raw speed, but there's winning a world title. Being a world champion is something else and for me, [Bottas is] still yet to really show that and to show the same level that Lewis shows. 

    "Unless we see a rapid change with Valtteri, I think Lewis has this one under control." 

    Hamilton has also been looking to make an impact away from the track in 2020, speaking out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and establishing a task force aimed at increasing diversity in motorsport. 

    "I think he's obviously been very outspoken, so it's obviously good to see. It's him and it's other athletes around the world, the opportunity we have, if we stand for something, we've got such a platform to deliver it and be heard," said Ricciardo. 

    "He's obviously gone above and beyond with Black Lives Matter and I know he's supporting quite a lot else. For us, it's good to see that, it's important for us to be included in it, and not only himself but if any driver has an idea or a thought that they want to go ahead with, it's nice to all show support together if we feel the same as the other individual. 

    "At the end of the day, I think everyone wants – when I say everyone, obviously not everyone, but most people in the world with let's say, a heart, wants progress and wants the world to be a better place. I like when people want to do good with their platform and Lewis is trying that." 

    He added: "I've certainly been inspired this year by certain individuals and it's encouraged me to speak up. 

    "Even if it's not on social media, if it's with my friends, trying to educate them, especially because we travel, my friends say, that live in Perth, they don't see everything I see, so trying to share some of my international wisdom, it feels nice."

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    Rossi's seat at the works Yamaha team will be taken by Fabio Quartararo after the end of the current season, but the Italian is set to in turn replace the title contender with the Malaysian outfit.

    According to Rossi, a deal for 2021 has been agreed in recent weeks but there is still "something to fix".

    The 41-year-old had initially intended to delay a decision on his future through the opening weeks of the season before the coronavirus pandemic, however.

    And he remains willing to wait before making a final call on his future.

    "We will try to sign during the weekend," Rossi said ahead of the Catalan Grand Prix. "Between the Misano races, we fixed everything, also in the last days.

    "The situation is very clear, I will race with Petronas next year, but the contract is a little bit long and there's something to fix.

    "But we're not in a rush because we already agree. I think during this weekend I will sign the contract and I'm very happy to continue next year with Yamaha and Petronas."

    He added to Motorsport.com: "For me, sometimes in MotoGP we will sign the contract for the next year too early.

    "A lot of times you already start to think about the next season before thinking about the current season. I think that day by day, step by step, everybody signs earlier. For example, we sign a lot earlier than in Formula 1.

    "So, I was agreed with Yamaha and also with Petronas - we already spoke from Jerez - but because we are okay, we don't make [a decision] in a hurry.

    "It's an important contract, so we have something to fix: technical, the bike and also the team, because I think some people move from Petronas to factory with Quartararo, and the opposite.

    "But in general, we are not in a hurry. We arrive here and I'm happy."

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