Cardiff City have been making statements suggesting they will be trying to get out of their agreement to play Ligue 1 outfit Nantes, 15 million for Emiliano Sala, who died tragically in a plane accident on his way to his new club.
Do Cardiff have a point, or are they displaying bad form?

South African runner Caster Semenya has been at the centre of the storm regarding recent rules by the IAAF which could make her ineligible without undergoing hormone therapy.

The controversy surrounding the suspension of Shannon Gabriel continues to be a hot topic.  The Blitz team believes the fast bowler was simply cheeky and that should be allowed in the sport.  Do you agree?

Shannon Gabriel faces a four-match ban from the International Cricket Council after accepting a charge of abusing another player. The ban has brought with it questions of how the ICC treats small cricketing nations versus the big countries like Australia, England and India.

Nantes has asked that Cardiff City pay the record transfer fee for would-be forward Emilio Sala, whose plane went missing on the way to his new club. Sala is presumed dead and the wreckage of the plane he travelled in was found with a body inside. Are they being insensitive given the sadness of the event?

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