Footballers Who Love Bingo

By Sponsored October 13, 2020

Celebrities from all over the world love to play bingo, and why not? The game is simple to pick up, brings people together, and can involve a lot of concentration and competition- what’s not to like

Everyone from Hollywood celebrities to famous rock stars are reportedly bingo fans. It’s so popular that even some of the most famous people in other professions have come to love the game. This includes famous football stars, who are arguably some of the most recognizable faces in the world, across oceans and hemispheres. 

As some of the most popular sportspeople on the planet, their interest in the game shows how engaging it can be, regardless of which version of bingo they prefer to play. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at why footballers in particular would enjoy the game, given their skills. We will then move onto a brief overview of the most famous footballers who love bingo.

Why do football players love bingo?

As a game that is built on winning, it’s no surprise that footballs would be interested in this kind of game. Clearly, having a keen ball sense goes further than just the pitch, and can apply to keep track of the bingo balls in a cage too.

Of course, when it comes to keeping track of scores, as well as different players and their positions, it makes sense that having to concentrate on a number caller shouting out names would come naturally to a footballer.

If you think about how many things there are to concentrate on during a match, it also makes sense that they would be well trained to keep track of all the elements of a game, including bingo, and would have no problem marking off all of the numbers of multiple tickets or sheets.

When it comes to celebrating wins, who could also be better than a famous footballer at calling out “Bingo!” when you look at how expressive they are towards their teammates and fans when they score a goal? When you look at all the shirt lifting, shouting, dabbing, jumping, and dancing, it’s clear that footballers are naturals when it comes to celebrating wins.

Famous footballers who love bingo

We are sure that there are many footballers who love to play a game of bingo, especially given the popularity of the game in the UK. Also, the fact that the English Premier League is one of the most reputable sports leagues on the planet means that many players who come to play in the UK are most certainly exposed to the game.

However, there is one footballer in particular who has not only made a name for himself internationally as a striker but has also become very well known for his reputed love of bingo. Can you guess who it is? We’ll give you a clue: he is so popular that there has been a statue of him erected on his native island of Madeira.

Yes, you guessed it! It’s none other than arguably the most famous footballer in the world, Christiano Ronaldo.

When he’s not on the field scoring goals, the world-famous Juventus striker reportedly loves to spend time playing bingo. He has mentioned in several interviews that he finds the game exciting. This is no doubt related to his general love of racking up high numbers on the goal-scoring sheet, which relates well to a bingo ticket!

As the story goes, he first started playing the game as a way to learn English when he first joined Manchester United and struggled to communicate effectively with his teammates in the early stages of his English Premier League career.

But, even after he got his head around some of the more tricky English verb tenses and phrases, he became hooked on the game, and now apparently gets involved in a game whenever he has the chance.

As a person who is consistently on the move, we wouldn’t be surprised if he plays bingo online too!

Final thoughts on footballers who love bingo

In the post above, we’ve looked at just some of the reasons why footballers would be such fans of a game like bingo. Some of the reasons include being able to keep track of multiple elements during a game, being keen winners, and also knowing how to celebrate a win!

To give some idea of how popular the game is with famous footballers, we also gave a brief insight into how one of the world’s most famous football stars, Christiano Ronaldo, became hooked on the game. 

If such a popular sports star is a fan of the game, imagine how many other sports stars are too!

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