Former Cricket West Indies President Dave Cameron was on Thursday returned unopposed as president of the Kensington Cricket Club at their Annual General Meeting held at the Kensington Clubhouse.

Cameron has led the club’s executive now for 18 years and said his focus will now be on “transforming the club into a first-world club in the next couple of years.”

The first vice president is Wavell Hinds while David Bernard Jr is the second vice president. Hinds has also succeeded Robert Haynes as the club’s technical director. Haynes is on duty a CWI selector. Hayes was lauded for his years of service to the club.

 Meanwhile, Major Radcliffe Daley is the Treasurer and KelliDawn Hamilton, Assistant Treasurer. Former CWI Communications boss Carole Beckford is the Honorary Secretary and Wayne Lewis the Assistant Secretary.

Brian Blair is Club Captain with Jamie Hay and Jamar Symester, the player representatives. Major Marlon Kennedy and Lorna Litchmore have been made Executive Members.

In expressing his delight at being returned to the top office, Cameron said he wanted “Kensington to be the place where a young and aspiring cricketer would want to be a part of.”

The club marks 140 years of existence this year. They will celebrate the milestone on the weekend of October 11 – 14, 2019 when there will be a church service, brunch and cricket matches featuring its past and current players. There will also be a party at the clubhouse.

Cameron said the club will also initiate activities to identify the role cricket has played in the community, show the impact all the great cricketers have had on the community, Jamaica, the West Indies and the world, as well as help re-focus the community on how it can re-engage residents to continue the path to growth and development.

Kensington won the JCA All Island T20 competition, which ended last month, and the club performed creditably in the Junior Cup, which they won in 2018.

The club is also participating in the 50-overs all-island competition and the Kingston Wharves under 15 competition.

Kensington plays away to the Jamaica Defence Force on Saturday, July 27 in the JCA 50-overs match. The game starts at 10 am.





Jamaicans in Switzerland responded to a call put out on behalf of the Reggae Girlz, who bow into World Cup action on Sunday, June 9 against Brazil.

The team that arrived in France late last week for their final preparations, received a pleasant surprise on the weekend from members of the Jamaican Association in Switzerland (JAS) who donated water and food supplies for the history-making women.

Rashid Hall, President of the JAS, who spearheaded the cause, said they were happy to come to the aid of the Reggae Girlz.

“We saw this as an opportunity. We sent a message out within our database asking for support, asking for people to make donations towards helping the team and people responded favourably and we were able to purchase a number of items to help the team,” he said.

He explained that Carole Beckford, the chairperson of an All-Woman Committee tasked with garnering support for the Reggae Girlz, had reached out to a few Jamaicans in Geneva asking if there was anything they could do to help the team.

“They reached out to me because of me being the president of the Jamaica Association in Switzerland and because we have been asking before about ways for us to assist the team but were not getting much information,” he said.

With their pooled resources, the Jamaicans supplied the World Cup team with 25 cases of water, about 300 oranges, watermelons, boxes of cereal, oats, 50 boxes of nutrition bars.

“Things that they would be able to use outside their normal eating hours. We also bought some Jamaican items from a lady who does that in Switzerland – corned beef, banana chips, pepper, water crackers, just for them to get a little feeling of home. Things that can snack on their rooms, things that they can carry to training, on the bus when they are travelling,” Hall said.

“For us, it was really a blessing to be able to assist the team.”

The support doesn’t end there as the Jamaicans in Switzerland are also planning to attend matches as well.

“A number of us have bought tickets,” said Hall who will be attending the Reggae Girlz final group match against Australia on June 18. He will miss the two earlier games because of work. Hall is the sponsorship coordinator for CAA11, UEFA’s exclusive sponsorship and media agency.

The job requires him to be in Porto for the Nations League finals and thus, prevents him from attending the matches against Brazil and Italy.

“Quite a number of persons have bought tickets and are going out in droves,” Hall said.

“This is a chance for us to help them in another way and we are just happy to be able to assist. By right our focus is on early childhood education which is why we couldn’t take funds from our actual account but in any case when needs like this arise we still have the ability to ask persons on a one-off basis to donate and they did that and we were able to buy the stuff and carry it to them.

“The team was in good spirits they were very happy for the Jamaican products. Right now, they are overflowing with things. They can focus on the games. They can focus on preparing. We are happy to make that the case.”

Hall said their voices will be loud in the stands when the matches begin as they continue to lend their support to the Reggae Girlz.

“As I said to the girls, now we are going to be supporting in a different way, with our voices in the stands being very loud, being very present and we wish them all the best.”





Between 2002 and 2017, Jamaica’s track and field was on top of the world.

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