CWI too busy fighting fires to focus on cricket - Ricky Skerritt

By March 06, 2019

Ricky Skerritt believes Cricket West Indies is too busy fighting fires to focus on developing the sport in the region.

The Skerritt and Dr Kishore Shallow ticket is hoping to unseat the incumbents Dave Cameron and Emmanuel Nanthan, who have lead CWI since 2013. However, Skerritt thinks the time has come for change citing many issues of concern with the current administration.

“One of the things that jump out is the fact that CWI is fighting too many battles with too many stakeholders,” Skerritt said during a press briefing on Wednesday.

“The only battles we should be fighting should be on the field of play.”

CWI has been at loggerheads with several Caribbean governments over the past few years concerning the governance of the sport and the poor performances of the senior men’s team, which is currently near the bottom of the current world rankings in Tests and ODIs and have been falling steadily down the T20 rankings.

However, in the last three years, the Windies have won both ICC World T20 titles and the U19 World title. The Windies also just defeated England to reclaim the Wisden trophy after 10 years. The team also played to a 2-2 draw with England, the best ODI team in the world.

Last year, the Women’s team advanced to the semi-finals of the ICC Women’s Championships, losing to eventual champions Australia.

Notwithstanding these successes, Skerritt believes that there are still too many conflicts going on in regional cricket that have taken the focus of the CWI off the sport. That focus, he said, should be strategies that will eventually get the Windies back to the top of the sport.

“The grassroots cricket, the development of requirements, coaching development, the high-performance system,” he said, “all of the key ingredients that are essential for building a sustainable approach to cricket development so that we are producing over the next several years and the foreseeable future, all of the future young players, young West Indians who love cricket and who are proud of cricket whether they become stars or not.”

Skerritt said what is needed now is new thinking and “an inclusive approach with the highest level of integrity and sincerity.”


Leighton Levy

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