'Billy' Heaven trounces Neita to return as JCA boss

By Sports Desk March 01, 2019
Jamaica Cricket Association boss Wilford 'Billy' Heaven. Jamaica Cricket Association boss Wilford 'Billy' Heaven.

Incumbent Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) president Wilford ‘Billy’ Heaven easily survived a challenge from Mark Neita to return to the top post for another two years.

Heaven, who will now serve a third term, recorded a comfortable 62 to 37 win during the association’s General Meeting on Thursday.  In a resounding victory, a breakdown of the vote showed that Heaven was triumphant in three of the four divisions.  The incumbent won division 2, 21-5, division 3, 16-6 and division 4, 15-9 with Neita scoring a 17-10 victory in division 1.

The rest of his Heaven’s slate was also highly successful.  In the race for second vice president, Fitz Harris defeated Nehemiah Perry 64-34.  Diann Campbell secured the post of honorary secretary after defeating Neil Reese 73-25.  Clinton Clarke defeated Major Aubyn Sibbles 71-26 to claim the post of assistant secretary.  Kerry Scott defeated Nigel Logan 75-23 to claim the position of treasurer, with Michael Atterbury securing the nod over Errol Moodie via a 68-29 margin for the post assistant treasurer. 

Dr Donovan Bennet will serve as first vice president after securing the nomination to the post unopposed.  He will replace Neita who held the post in the previous administration.

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