DeCarteret College

Mandeville, Manchester
Address: Mandeville Phone: (876) 962-2546 When the Diocesan College for boys was founded in 1919, Jamaica was a far different place from what it is today. Slavery had been abolished for less than one hundred years; Universal Adult Suffrage was twenty years distant; people were generally well disciplined, education was largely the prerogative of the wealthy; all the senior positions in the civil service, police, and army, were occupied by expatriates. The supreme authority in Jamaica and its dependencies was the Governor, Sir Leslie Probyn, who governed in the name of George V the King- Emperor. The year 1919 also saw the signing of the Treaty of Versailles which ended the First World War. This was the treaty that was supposed to end all future wars, so it was also a time of a time great hope and expectation.

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Rank Played Won Lost Drawn GD Points
6 8 0 7 1 -29 1

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21-09-2019 15:30 B.B. Coke Away
08-10-2019 15:30 B.B. Coke Home
09-10-2019 15:30 Belair HighAway
22-10-2019 15:30 Mile GullyHome
09-12-2019 15:30 ManchesterAway

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28-09-2019 15:30 May DayHome
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