JADCO to proceed with defamation lawsuit against Dr. Emir Crowne

By October 18, 2019

Lawyers representing the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) are proceeding to initiate legal action against noted attorney Dr Emir Crowne after the latter refused to apologize for alleged defamatory comments he made about the commission in  August this year.

In a letter dated Friday, October 18, over the signature of Ian Wilkinson QC, it was confirmed that JADCO would be seeking damages against the Trinidadian attorney.

“You seem to have no regard for either the graveness of your comments or the implications thereof, nor do you seem to appreciate the courtesy that we have repeatedly extended to you. Consequently, subject to our client’s instructions we will proceed as previously mentioned without further reference to you,” the letter stated.

Dr. Crowne, who represented Jamaican teen star Briana Williams during an anti-doping hearing at the end of September had, in a story published in the Jamaica Observer on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, expressed concern over what he believed were leaks about the athlete’s results leading up to the hearing that was scheduled for September 23-25.

 “There was a need for public scrutiny as to how JADCO maintains its results process,” the Observer quoted Dr Crowne as saying in reference to information about Williams’ ‘A’ and ‘B’ samples being leaked to the media even before he or his client had received said information.

In a letter dated September 3, 2019, JADCO demanded an apology and threatened the initiation of legal action, should Dr Crowne fail to issue a former apology by September 6?

A month later, on October 3, JADCO’s attorneys, in a letter to Dr Crowne, extended the deadline to Friday, October 4. However, in a strongly worded reply on Friday, Dr Crowne declared that he has no intention of apologizing.

Citing absolute privilege Dr Crowne said the comments were made in the course of proceedings against the athlete and were privileged absolutely. The comments were made on an occasion where the public had a right to know how a public body – like JADCO – was operating and are protected by qualified privilege.

He also asserted that the comments were fair comment as they were made honestly and sincerely and there was no malice, “merely a genuine concern for the manner in which JADCO may have handled the matter.”

Dr Crowne also insists that there is truth to the comments made and that JADCO was indirectly forcing him to disclose the “journalists in question who may have a source within JADCO and he will not, under any circumstance, be used to breach source privilege.




Leighton Levy

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