Lawyer wants speedy resolution to Briana Williams case, expresses concern over leaks

By August 27, 2019

Dr. Emir Crowne, the sports lawyer selected to represent Briana Williams is seeking a speedy resolution to the case against the athlete in the relation to the diuretic found in her urine sample at the Jamaican national championships in June.

 He has also expressed concern that the athlete’s name was leaked to the media even before her team was notified of the test results from her urine sample.

 The 17-year-old speedster tested positive for Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) that was contained in Pharma Cold and Flu tablets she had ingested to fight a high fever while competing in the 100m in which she was third in 10.94, a national junior record, and a world u18 record.

 “Between her ‘A’ sample and ‘B’ sample being tested, we are concerned about how her name has come to light,” Dr Crowne said on Tuesday evening while responding to media reports that the athlete’s B sample had also returned a positive result for HCTZ.

 “We have no results of her B sample yet. We have no visual communication from JADCO whatsoever.”

 Notwithstanding, those concerns, Dr Crowne said he wants the matter resolved as quickly as possible so that Williams can retain her spot on the Jamaican team to what would be her first World Championships. The team to Doha is expected to be named by mid-September.

 “If JADCO sends this to the independent disciplinary panel, we need an expedited hearing to hear her sanction, if any,” Dr Crowne said.

 “This is an over-the-counter cold and flu tablet, sealed tablet containing the diuretic in question. The independent test confirmed that the source of the diuretic is the tablet.”

 He continued: “Our primary position will be Ms Williams is at no fault and there should be no sanctions against her. This is one of those truly genuine times where there is nothing more she could have done in this circumstance.

 “Failing a finding of no fault whatsoever, then we will rely on a finding of no significant. For the contaminated product, under the JADCO code, the minimum sanction is a reprimand, which we will be asking in light of the circumstances and there is no significant fault on her part and we will seek a reprimand.”



Leighton Levy

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