BAAA president: GOAT message resonated nationally

By November 26, 2018

Newly elected president of the Bahamas Association of Athletics Associations (BAAA) Drumeco Archer believes his slate’s message of making the next administration the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T) resonated well with voters that swept Rosamunde Carey and her executive from their seats of power on Saturday.

Every member of Archer’s slate won handsomely over Carey’s during the elections held at the National Stadium in Nassau on Saturday, November 24.

Archer, who won 41 votes to Carey’s 26, in the run-off for the vote for president, said everyone on his slate was on the same page.

“We had been planning this campaign for a very long time and I made it clear to all of the candidates that it was important for us to speak the same message, so I think that message resonated with every member who voted for us,” he told SportsMax.TV Monday.

“That message was clear. We wanted to re-direct our focus at an administration that was really athlete-centric, an administration that was more fiscally prudent. We wanted an administration that had a clear vision of where we wanted the administration to go so our branding was very important.

“If you look at the materials and the commercials we would have done, it was done at the highest standard and that was really to see how we could capture the imagination of our voters. To many people, it became like a viral message that the concept of being the GOAT took on a life of its own.”

The new president related that people really bought into the idea of being the greatest of all time in an environment where they suffered from many claiming that the BAAA could be a whole lot better.   

“I wanted to be able to challenge the members in a very different way and to not talk about the persons who make up the BAAA but spoke about the solutions and I think that in the end, people really gravitated to the message,” he said.

“So be the G.O.A.T was the message and it took on national importance because the whole country began to follow the message and buy into the idea because you would walk from street corner to street corner and people would say ‘be the goat’ and it was so thrilling to see what that represented to the country.”

Leighton Levy

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