Javon Francis confirms departure from Akan, reveals new coach

By September 25, 2018
Javon Francis has confirmed his departure from Akan Track Club. Javon Francis has confirmed his departure from Akan Track Club.

The handlers of Jamaican 400m runner Javon Francis have confirmed that the athlete has moved to the United States where is being trained by Darryl Woodson at the Training Ground Elite camp in Houston, Texas .

As was first reported by SportsMax.TV on Monday, the 23-year-old Francis had left the Akan Track Club and coach Michael Clarke in pursuit of a change of environment and renewed impetus for success as a professional athlete.

On Tuesday, his handlers, JAD Professional Management Limited, confirmed that the athlete had migrated to the United States and revealed the identity of his new club and coach.

“We wish to confirm that Javon Francis has decided to train in Texas, USA, with Coach Darryl Woodson and his Training Ground Elite group for the 2018/2019 season and beyond,” the statement said.

“Mr. Francis believes that this will further help with his development in becoming a world class 400m athlete.”

In the statement released on behalf of the athlete, he expressed gratitude to his former coach.

“Mr. Francis wishes to thank Akan Head Coach, Michael Clarke, who has been not just a coach but a mentor to him for the past seven years from junior to senior level,” the statement said.

“I am really thankful to Mr. Michael Clarke and the entire Akan and Calabar family for the work they put in to get me where I am," Francis was quoted saying. "I always felt comfortable working with them and will forever be grateful. At this point in my career, I felt it necessary to make this move for simply for track & field reasons and believe it will impact my career positively.”

Woodson currently has athletes like Natasha Hastings, Mike Rodgers,  Sharika Nelvis, Michael Tinsley and Mookie Salaam in his camp.




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