Javon Francis leaves Akan Track Club to train in the USA

By September 24, 2018
Javon Francis has moved to the United States to train parting company with longtime coach Michael Clarke. Javon Francis has moved to the United States to train parting company with longtime coach Michael Clarke.

Jamaica’s 400m sprinter Javon Francis has left the Akan Track Club and is now training with a new coach in the United States.

Francis, 23, who won silver medals in the 4x400m relay for Jamaica at the 2015 Beijing World Championships and the 2016 Rio Olympics, saw his career stalled because of injury over the past two seasons.

At the 2018 national championships, Francis suffered a thigh injury and failed to advance to the finals. It was the culmination of a season of inconsistency. He ran a personal best of 20.52s in the 200m January and 45.11s to win his first individual senior medal at the Commonwealth Games in April. He failed to go faster for the remainder of the season leading up to the injury at the national championships following a pattern that had been developing over the past two seasons.  

According to his agent, Juliet Campbell, Francis felt it was time for a change. She said he loves and respects his former coach but it was time to move on.

“He spoke to me right after trials in late July,” Campbell told SportsMax.TV.

“It wasn't personal, but mentally, he had left the club and he was desperately in need of a change. There are three very important years coming up and the objective is to be ready for all three of them.”

She said he has already started training with his new coach, whose identity she declined to reveal, only saying that he is a coach that is very familiar with Jamaican athletes and its athletic association.

Campbell revealed to SportsMax.TV that she advised Francis to speak with Akan head coach Michael Clarke, who had overseen his development from his time as a student at Calabar High School when he set a record of 45.00 for the Under 20 boys 400m.

Clarke confirmed that Francis did speak with him about leaving. However, he said he did not know where Francis was moving on to. “Don’t have a clue. Somewhere in America,” was how he responded to questions from SportsMax.TV.

Campbell gave assurances, however, that Francis, who has a personal best of 44.50 had already begun to train and that he has a good team around him that will do its best to ensure that he achieved his goals.

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