Khlalifa St. Fort said Champs blew her mind

By April 01, 2019

 After experiencing Jamaica’s world-famous high school championships, Champs, for the very first time, 2018 CAC 100m silver medallist Khalifa St.Fort said she was blown away by the spectacle of it all.

Fourteen records were set as Kingston College (KC) won its first title in a decade and Edwin Allen held off a stern challenge from Hydel High School to secure its sixth straight title and seventh overall.

The 21-year-old Trinidadian star and her training partner and friend Briana Williams, graced the National Stadium in Kingston last Friday, the penultimate day as the competition barrelled towards its thrilling climax.

“It was absolutely amazing to see the crowd that comes out for high school track and field. It was just amazing. The competition was great, the times were great and just the overall atmosphere for the athletes to compete in,” she told Sportsmax.TV.

“It was a very exciting environment which helped produce those very fast times. So, the very first time at Champs was mind-blowing for me as it was the first time I was in a crowd that big for Jamaican track.”

St. Fort, who was gifted with a supporter’s shirt for Kingston College, who brought Calabar High School’s seven-year reign to an end, said being inside the National Stadium watching the competition, also showed her why Jamaica’s athletes tend to do well on the global stage.

“Jamaican track and field is taken very seriously from a very young level. Kids 10-13 years old, they are being put in a big crowd, almost like a professional environment from a very young age so it basically grooms them,” she said.

“So basically, throughout their years when they go into major competition such as the World Championships, Olympics, they’re used to the atmosphere.”

Now having experienced the magic of the championships, Khalifa, who would miss attending because of classes or competition, declared that she plans to return to experience Champs again.

“I would definitely come back to see the rivalry between the schools and to see who wins. It was very exciting, the points, the competition, the upsets. There was just a lot of excitement so I would definitely come back to see if Kingston College keeps their title or if Calabar wins or, on the female side, to see if Edwin Allen wins again,” she said.

“I just had so much fun to see the alumni cheer for their schools, the parents. It was just really, really good.”




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